Rat Rewards FAQ

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How do I earn reward points?
At the moment you can only earn reward points through purchases you make on this website although in the future we hope to offer reward points through other means as well.

How many reward points do I receive on my purchases?
You receive 1 reward point for each £1 you spend.

How do I spend reward points?
You can spend your points when you checkout. On the shopping cart page use the 'Proceed to Checkout' button. Under Payment information you should have the option of using your points as payment.

How much are reward points worth?
You can exchange 50 reward points for £1 when you purchase any subsequent item.
Can I transfer reward points with someone else?
No, unfortunately reward points are non transferrable.

Do I earn reward points if I purchase through your eBay store?
No, reward points are only earned through purchases made on our website.

Can I checkout as a guest and still earn reward points?
No, you must make sure you are logged in to earn reward points.
If you are not logged in the website does not know which account to transfer points to.

Rat Coin

Rat Coin

How can I check what my current total of rewards points is?
If you navigate to My Account > Reward Points, you can see your current balance.
You should also be able to see a transaction history and track where you have earned and spent points.
Do my points have an expiry date?
Currently points last for 180 days, under My Account > Reward Points there is an option to receive a reminder email before they expire.

Can I pay for my whole order with just reward points?
The maximum percentage of your order total that you can pay for with Reward Points in limited to 90%.
This is because the Payment gateway will not allow you to check out when the order total is £0.00 so you will always have to pay something towards the order no matter how many points you have.