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Thursday, 8 August 2013 09:08:00 Europe/London

Hello again and welcome to another edition of ATA analysis! After a short break I thought it was time to give you all my thoughts on an ATA that I used recently. With the dust settled after the No Man's Land Events people will most likely be fed up of playing Batman and his friends. This weeks ATA will look at the villains that Batman fights with the Arkham Asylum ATA!

 The Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the criminally insane is a fictional psychiatric hospital in the DC universe. Many Psychotic criminals from Batman comics get housed here such as, The Joker, Poison Ivy Killer Croc and Bane. The Asylum has featured in many comics, TV shows and computer games.

Arkham Asylum


Lets take a look at the ATA

 Keywords = Arkham Asylum. Point Cost = 4 Points

 Arkham Asylum - “At the beginning of your turn, roll a d6 for all friendly characters using this team ability. Those characters can use the indicated power until your next turn. Uncopyable. 

1-2 - Plasticity
3-4 - Leap/Climb
5-6 - Phasing/Teleport

By assigning this ATA to your force you are enabling your figures to have a chance at using one of those powers on the roll of a dice. Each of these powers has different uses for example Phasing / Teleport lets you ignore everything for your movement where as with leap climb adds 2 to your break away roll. 


Here is an example of a team that you could use:

SOG020 Calender Man 52pts
SOG021 Killer Croc 96pts
SOG024 Mr Zsasz 45pts
BM013 The Joker 127pts
NML 003 Ultimate Clayface 136 points
NML 004 Poison Ivy 98pts

Arkham Asylum ATA x6 = 24 points

Total = 578pts. Leaving points for a resource object etc.

This team has a lot going on. Calender man Provides Probability control along with Joker. The Joker is also using poison along with Ultimate Clayface and Poison Ivy. This team aims to get in the opponents face and the ATA helps you do that!

PROS: This ATA gives the Arkham Asylum inmates the manoeuvrability that it needs. The figures who have it can remain in stealth and use the ATA to get where they need to be. It also should mean that you will never be tied up by the opponents figures. Also comes in fairrly cheap at only 4 points

CONS: The fact that it is random as to which power you receive at the beginning of the turn makes it hard to plan your moves ahead. There may be some instances where you want Plasticity to tie the opponents down and receive leap climb or vice versa. You just might not get what you want when you want.

What do you guys think? Think of any PROS and CONS?



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Ian King

posted on Friday, 23 August 2013 14:49:58 Europe/London
I think the pros far outweigh the cons on this one. 4 points is a bargain for full dial manouvreability powers that ALWAYS improve your chance to break away. Positioning is pretty important with the poison heavy list above. I'd be tempted to take a couple of older figs with the keyword as cheap tie-up on the turns you roll a 5+.

I also love the thematic effect of this ATA. Not all ATAs really make sense but here, a selection of powers that help you escape the worlds most escapable asylum, fits perfectly!

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