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Monday, 22 April 2013 21:08:01 Europe/London

 Hello There! My name is Elliott Weights and welcome to another instalment of ATA analysis! There are many different ways to fill those holes of unused build points. You can use special objects, resources and of course ATA's. ATA's are also a great concept to build a team around and can give structure to your team building. In each article I will be reviewing a different ATA and weigh up the good and bad points. As requested by EVIL ED this time I shall be looking at the HYDRA Deep Science Division ATA. I will also touch on how it will be affected by the new rules that are coming into effect on the 6th of June.

HYDRA are a criminal organisation dedicated to the achievement of world domination through terrorist means, resulting in a fascist new world order. HYDRA is funded by Baron Von Strucker's personal fortune of recovered Nazi plunder. HAIL HYDRA! 

Let's take a look at the ATA HYDRA Deep Science Division:

 hydra ATA

Keyword: HYDRA. Point cost = 3 points

“The maximum number of squares between an opposing character and its target when using Outwit, Perplex, or Probability Control is reduced by 1 for each friendly character using this team ability, to a minimum of 4 squares”

So what does all that mean? Well in the current rules the powers mentioned  have a range of 10, no matter what  range is showing on the figure using that power. Therefore for every figure assigned this ATA the range for opposing figures using Outwit, Perplex or Probability Control  powers is reduced by 1. This also applies to opponents Perplex to target their friendly figures. Potentially you can reduce the opponent's range when using any of these powers to a minimum of 4 squares. A six figure team would easily enable you to do this. 

 N.B:  With the new PAC being introduced come the 6th of June the changes to the rules will  impact on the ATA. In the new rules, Outwit, Probability Control and Perplex now have a range of 6  for characters that have a printed  range of 5 or less . The ATA states that range can only be reduced to a minimum of 4 squares. Therefore characters that start with a printed  range of 5 or less, (so using a 6 range) only need to be facing against two HYDRA figures with the ATA to have it reduced to 4 squares. Therefore the new rule changes make it easier to  reduce the range of these powers on the figures that have a printed range value of 5 or less. Also under the new rules it would be capped under the rule of three. This is because it is now based under a combat value rather than number of squares. So the new rules have also made it slightly better and worse at the same time. I would expect the ATA to be re worded to accommodate this. 

Here is an example team that you can use with this ATA

Baron Strucker = 150
Red Skull = 140
Madam Hydra =75
Bob, Agent of Hydra = 33
Hydra Agent x3 =75
HYDRA  ATA = 21 points                      
TOTAL 494 points

This line up is a classic HYDRA team. Baron Strucker and Red Skull. Packed with some support in the form of Madame Hydra and Bob ( Can't forget Bob!), and some willing foot soldiers for tying  figures up and Mastermind fodder. 

PROS:  Well where do you start? This ATA can completely ruin your opponent. A lot of players try to play at least one figure with Outwit, Perplex and Probability Control. Opponents will get really annoyed when they try and Outwit one of your HYDRA pieces and find out they need to be within 4 squares to do so. Or if they want to re roll one of their dice, or Perplex up a value again would have to be within 4 squares until they reduce the amount of figures using this ATA. This ATA could ruin some of the opponents well laid out plans and give you some time to hatch your own! For only 3 points it can also fill out some holes in your team, and for the total of roughly a HYDRA foot soldier. As stated with the new rule set it has been given a slight boost as figures with 0 range have been made easier to take down to a 4 range. 

CONS: Was a real challenge to think of anything bad about the ATA. What is there not to like? Well if in competitive play you come up against a S.H.I.E.L.D team using their equivalent of the ATA then they would end up cancelling each other out. Also HYDRA teams are generally heavy with cheap fodder and could become costly putting the ATA on each figure.

 Have you used this ATA before? What would be your team for using it? Let me know your teams and thoughts below. 

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Ian King

posted on Sunday, 12 May 2013 17:53:22 Europe/London
Thank you Elliot for a well thought out article.
On an all-Hydra team this ATA can get horribly expensive (I like goon swarms) but it's certainly useful.

For utter evilness try pairing up some Hydra figs with the Penguin from the Gotham City Strategy Game. They knock outwit's range down to 4 (typically) then the Penguin's power states that opposing characters within 4 squares can't use outwit!

Then lose all your friends...

elliott weights

posted on Tuesday, 23 April 2013 14:17:54 Europe/London
It is true Vicente that they are reguarly forgotten about by Wizkids. The most recent players guide did still not include the batman set ones etc. These articles will attempt at putting them more in peoples minds and actually remind people that they are more useful than people think!

Vicente De los Santos

posted on Tuesday, 23 April 2013 13:56:24 Europe/London
ATA's are the "bastard son" of Wizkids. In the beginning were the substitute of Feats and Battlefields conditions, have a bunch of them avaible but only a few are really usefull (Thunderbolt, Avengers Response Unit, Shadowpact...). And the worst is that teams like Wildcats, Brotherhood, Gotham City or even X-Men does not have a decent ATA (Welcome custom ones :D)

About Hydra, I think too that has to be rewritten after the new rules.

Gareth Laws

posted on Tuesday, 23 April 2013 12:12:35 Europe/London
I read something on HCRealms that in light of the recent changes in the PAC mean that this and the SHIELD ATA might get a rewording to clear up any confusion. I think however that the usefulness of this ATA is going to go down as previously you could reduce the range from 10 to 4 and now it is likely you are only going to be able to reduce it from 6 to 4. Any rewording of the ATA is unlikely to change this.

elliott weights

posted on Tuesday, 23 April 2013 11:36:33 Europe/London
some good points there Matthew

It is hard to say how the new rules will interact with this ATA and its counterpart the shield ATA because they have changed the way that Outwit, Perplex and probability control work.

Outwit, Perplex and Probability control no longer have a maximum number of squares. They are determined by the range of the figure using them (something which should have happened a long time ago!) range is a combat value and is affected by the rule of three. Threrfore if this ATA is worded by the powers that it modifies the number of squares then would only be affected by 3 squares. At present because of the difference in wordings it is hard to say for definate how it would interact.

At the moment the new rules make it less usable and as mentioned I expect the ATA to be re worded.

Matthew Hardy

posted on Tuesday, 23 April 2013 09:25:23 Europe/London
Another 'con' with this ATA, could be if an opponent fields a team that doesn't include Outwit, PC or Perplex.

Admittedly in a competitive game this would be a rare occurrence, but you may feel you have 'wasted' the ATA points in that instance.

I'm not 100% sure that the rule of 3 applies here. The ATA refers to 'number of squares' not range, therefore not a combat value, but I do agree that this is not clear and so I'd also expect arbitrator judge ruling to clear this up.

Enjoyed reading the article.


posted on Monday, 22 April 2013 23:10:09 Europe/London
Hi Elliott,
Thanks ever so much for going through this for me... I love the fact that hydra generally has a lot of minions so you will have to kill alot of stuff to get your range back... im always in favour of any power that hinders crutches... it will teach players to be more inventive with there teams!!

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