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Friday, 21 June 2013 09:08:00 Europe/London

 Hello again and welcome to another edition of ATA analysis!There are many different ways to fill those holes of unused build points. You can use special objects, resources and of course ATA's. ATA's are also a great concept to build a team around and can give structure to your team building. In each article I will be reviewing a different ATA and weigh up the good and bad points.

 With the recent release of the ATA's in the recent players guide I could not pass up the opportunity to write about one of the stunning new ones! For me the recent Spiderman set was something I had been waiting for since Heroclix began. To have the generic monsters, vampires, werewolves and zuvembies was something that got me most excited about the set. This week we shall be looking at an ATA made up of entirely of monster, the Legion of monsters ATA!

 Lets take a look at the ATA:

 Legion of Monsters


Keywords = Legion of Monsters. Point cost = 5 points.

Legion of Monsters - “Characters using this team ability can use plasticity unless adjacent to an opposing character with the legion of monsters keyword or monster keyword”

To understand this better we need to remind ourselves of the new wording of Plasticity.

Plasticity = This character adds 2 to its D6 roll when attempting to break away. Opposing characters cannot automatically break away from this character and subtract two from their D6 roll when breaking way. Opposing characters entering a square adjacent to this character must end their movement even if they would not have to do so normally. 


With the recent rule changes Plasticity has been given a major boost. It now has the ability to stop a characters action if the become adjacent to a figure using this team ability for instance a Charge or a close combat Hypersonic speed attack. As before it also makes it easier for a friendly figure to break away and harder for an opponents to break away. Any figure using this ATA would have permanent Plasticity and the effects that it gives. Now lets take a look at a team you could use with this ATA:

 Werewolf by night - ASM 015 81 points
Morbius - ASM 028 133 points 
Manphibian - ASM 025 60 points
Living Mummy – ASM 011 92 points
Man-Thing – ASM 033R 100 points

ATA x5 = 25 points

Total = 471 points

 Back in 2010 a new version of the legion of monsters was formed by Morbius, Werewolf by Night, and Man thing. They were joined by the Living Mummy and Manphibian. They came together to protect the monsters from the Hunter of Monster special forces and send the monsters back to the Morlock tunnels to the Monster Metropolis.

 This team offers some good old fashioned close combat, not a single figure with range on the team. It will rely on getting to the opponent and making sure they stay around with the Plasticity. Man - Thing can carry figures in, Morbius can borrow his Mystics team ability and provides the team with some much needed Outwit, which could be used on multiple figures!

 PROS: With the team being close combat heavy the ATA really helps them out keeping the opponents figures tied down battling your figure. It gives them Plasticity on every click that cannot be countered. It also prevents the opponent from basing your figures and attacking afterwards using, using either charge or Hypersonic Speed. Like other figures using Plasticity it prevents your opponent from breaking away so easily and makes it easier for you to break away if your opponent wants to try and tie you up. Also at 5 points per figure it is reasonably priced, with points left over for special object or resource.

CONS: The biggest problem you could have using this ATA is that it will not work if the character is adjacent is a figure with the Legion or Monsters keyword or the Monster keyword. In tournament play the chances that you face a team similar to yours is unlikely (unless it is a Monster themed event) however still possible. It is more likely that you will face a monster on an opponents team or a team of monsters, for example there are 254 figures with the monster keyword. It does noting to help the team on a ranged front meaning that the team will need to get to their opponents quickly or be picked off before they get there.

 All in all the ATA gives everyone a better version of an old power for a reasonable cost and compliments a close combat team well making sure the opponent finds it hard to get away.

 What do you guys think of this monsterrific ATA?



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elliott weights

posted on Thursday, 11 July 2013 13:36:49 Europe/London
That is true James it does feel wasted as no one on the team is benefiting from that enhancement. He does feel a little over costed but love the scuplt!

James Houston

posted on Sunday, 7 July 2013 09:37:28 Europe/London
While I love the Franken-Castle figure I think some of his points are wasted in a Legion of Monsters team due to the inclusion of enhancement. Now if it was the new pink power empowerment that would be a different story.

elliott weights

posted on Tuesday, 25 June 2013 13:21:13 Europe/London
You make a good point Matthew. a use that may not come up often as people may be able to plan moves out but still a valid use for the new plasiticityi had not thought of

Matthew Hardy

posted on Sunday, 23 June 2013 16:41:57 Europe/London
But if a figure Running Shotted or HSS ranged attacked and whislt doing so passed through a square adjacent to a figure with plasticity it would end their movement (and I'm assuming their attack) This is why the new plasticity is so good.

elliott weights

posted on Sunday, 23 June 2013 12:51:28 Europe/London
Franken castle can be added to the team in a 600 point game making the team 598.

Well with the new wordings on plasticity only figures basing a figure using this power would end their action. If however they are already based and want to break away to shoot then they would need to break away. there is nothing stopping the HSS figure from shooting if they are not based

Matthew Hardy

posted on Friday, 21 June 2013 16:13:54 Europe/London
Is really is a great ATA, especially with the huge boost that Plasticity recently received. It will totally negate the mobility of any hit and run teams. A full dial of un-outwittable Plasticity is a huge advantage, especially for players who like to get their figures stuck into a melee quickly.

5pts is a lot of your team build per figure through - especially as all the LoM are reasonable priced so you can pack a few in your team.

You mention plasticity stopping CC HSS attacks. Would it not stop all HSS attacks (even if the opponent was going to range HSS attack?)

...and no love for Franken-Castle in your team? If it wasn't for his storyline we wouldn't even have a new Legion of Monsters?

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