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Thursday, 12 September 2013 09:08:00 Europe/London

Hello again and welcome to another edition of ATA analysis! After a short break I thought it was time to give you all my thoughts on an ATA that I used recently. With the dust settled after the No Man's Land Events people will most likely be fed up of playing Batman and his friends. This weeks ATA will look at the villains that Batman fights with the Arkham Asylum ATA!

The Midnight Sons are a supernatural group of superheroes set in the Marvel universe.  They first appeared in issue 28 of Ghost rider. Ghost rider formed the team when he received a vision that Lilith the mother of demons was being resurrected.

Midnight sons


 So what does the ATA do?

 Keywords = Midnight Sons

 Midnight Sons “Characters using this team ability can use Stealth on their starting click. If that character can already use Stealth on their starting click, lines of fire may not be drawn to that character by opposing characters while on that click.”

 When equipped to your force this ATA enables your team to have stealth on their starting clicks. This fits with the spooky and supernatural aspect of the team that they would be hiding in the shadows. Any members of your team that already has stealth on their starting click would not be able to have lines of fire drawn to them anywhere on the map whilst on that click.


Lets take a look at an example team and see how the ATA benefits each member.

ASM013A Frank Drake - 55 points
ASM015 Werewolf By Night - 81 points
ASM007 Johnny Blaze - 50 Points
ASM028 Morbius - 133 points
ASM035 Jennifer Kale - 77 points
ASM004 Blade – 85 points
ASM005 Doctor Strange – 90 points

Midnights Sons ATA x 7

Total 599 points

This team utilises the ATA on their opening clicks. Frank Drake uses his Outwit by also not being able to be seen anywhere on the board, the Werewolf however loses his bonus from the ATA as soon as a full moon happens as he would move to click three. The ATA would give Johnny Blaze a full dial of stealth where as Morbius would lose his bonus if he ends up being healed past his starting line. Jennifer kale can use Probability control whilst being in stealth, Blade gains Stealth on top of his charge and Dr Strange says he also cannot be seen on his top click.

PROS: In a game that leans more towards range combat attacks this ATA gives Stealth to a close combat based team. To those that can already use it they can use it when not in hindering terrain. This provides protection from powers such as Outwit, Perplex and PC and also ranged combat attacks. For only a few points gaining one click of Stealth could be invaluable.

CONS: This trick only works on the first click of a character. Figures without Willpower of Indomitable will not want to push if they do not want to lose their Stealth. Also figures such as Morbius or Werewolf by night will not benefit from the ATA as they have wild dials and full moon mechanic respectively. There are also some teams that can either see through the Stealth or just do not have any powers that need a line of fire and therefore the ATA is not very useful.

What do you guys think? What figures would you choose?

Next time, an old ATA using some of the new Wolverine and the X men figures.



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Ian King

posted on Thursday, 3 October 2013 20:46:16 Europe/London
I really like this ATA. As it is compulsary to add it to all figures with the keyword if you add it to one it's nice that it gives a bonus to the already-stealthed!

The only downside is that with a lot of stealthed figures with the keyword, and several characters with the 'carry' ability you can almost replicate the effects by having, say, Doctor Strange carry Blade and drop him in front of himself in hindering to block LOF to Strange. On a map with plenty of hindering therefore 20 points can be a steep price to pay.

The team you have chosen seems to make the best of it though and in an interesting way. I'm not 100% sure how many ranged attackers the M. Sons have with opening stealth but I'd like to exploit that. The word "can't" in the description implies that even Ultimates or Superman Ally won't help you see them and that is HUGE!

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