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Hello again and welcome to another edition of ATA analysis! There are many different ways to fill those holes of unused build points. You can use special objects, resources and of course ATA's. ATA's are also a great concept to build a team around and can give structure to your team building. In each article I will be reviewing a different ATA and weigh up the good and bad points. This week we shall be looking at the new Red Hood and the Outlaws ATA!

The Red Hood and the Outlaws is a new book with the release of the new 52 a couple of years back. The book has been running since September 2011 and is one of a few of the new 52 that are still running.  The team consists of Red Hood, Starfire and Arsenal. So far in Heroclix there have been 2 versions of each character that you can use on to build a team.  


Red Hood and Outlaws

Keywords = Outlaws. Point Cost = 6 points

Red Hood and the Outlaws – “Opposing characters with the highest point value on their force cannot draw line of fire to characters using this team ability. Uncopyable”.

Simply put the opponents highest point figure cannot draw a line of fire for range attacks, or powers such as outwit to any of your figures using this ATA. In most games of Heroclix the opponents highest pointed figure would generally be their best figure, their heavy hitter for example.

An example 300 point team you might consider using with the ATA could be:

Red Hood - TT023 125 points
Starfire – SOG 044 84 points
Arsenal – SOG 045 72 points
Red Hood and the Outlaws ATA x3 = 18 points

Total = 298 points

 For those of you that are not always into playing 300 point teams and don't like to stay so comic accurate here is a cross universe team using the ATA for a bit of fun!

Red Hood – TT023 125 points
Starfire – SOG 044 83 points
Spiderman – WS007 78 points
Sandman – WS055 101 points
Puma – WS012 56 points
Rocket Racer – WS044 – 60 points
Will- O' – The Wisp – WS013 54 points
Red Hood and the Outlaws ATA x7 = 42 points

Total 599 points

 PROS: I can imagine that this ATA would really infuriate the opponent. Not being able to see your figures with his highest pointed one would near render the best piece in his team useless. Even in 300 point games people generally have at least one good figure between the 100 to 150 range. That figure could have a multitude of powers which he needs to be able to target with and cannot. If the opponents highest point figure gets defeated then the ATA would then move to the next highest figure and so forth. This would also stop those pesky Supermen from being able to draw a line of fire also.

CONS: The first thing that strikes me about it is that it is very expensive to add to your team. At 6 points per figure it sure adds up the higher the builds get. Looking at the 600 point build above, the ATA would cost 42 points. The cost of another figure or resource etc. Also what if your opponent's highest point figure has no need for powers that require a line of fire. No range or other powers just an old fashioned brick, Dracula for example! The ATA would then prove useless until possibly you can kill the highest and the next highest has the need for range. Also the fact that it is uncopyable stops it being abused but is still a negative mark. Think of the endless possibilities!

As always I hope you all enjoyed my thoughts on the ATA. What do you guys think? Any requests for next time?



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