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Sunday, 13 October 2013 09:08:00 Europe/London

 Hello again and welcome to another instalment of ATA analysis! After the the release of the Wolverine and the X men Heroclix set and people have played with their sealed events and abused their Spiral teams I thought to have a look to see if there was an old ATA that could help benefit a new team or new figures. This week I shall be looking at the Reavers ATA!

 The Reavers are a team of criminal cyborgs. The original incarnation were from the Australian outback led by Donald Pierce. I most remember the Reavers from that classic 90's cartoon where they looked like this.


Lady Deathstrike led this team to recover an alien artifact, which ended up being a Shi'ar prison ship holding the spirit drinker.

Reavers ATA



Ok lets take a closer look at the ATA 

Keyword: Reavers
Point cost: 8

“ When a character using this team ability has two action tokens, it can be given a non-free action. If you do, after actions resolve deal the character 1 unavoidable damage and do not clear action tokens from it at the end of the turn”.

This means that whenever a character using this ATA has two action tokens it may be given a non free action and deal it 1 unavoidable damage after the action. You do not clear the action tokens. Meaning that this can be done again next turn and the turn after and so forth as long as 1 unavoidable damage is given each time. This is worded the exact same way as the Masters of Evil team ability.

 Here is a Reavers team that you might want to run and fits quite nicely with the ATA:

WXM 210 Lady Deathstrike 112 points
WXM 020 White King 107 points
GSX 044 Bonebreaker 96 points
GSX 007 Pretty Boy 60 points
GSX 006 Skullbuster 84 points
Reavers ATA x5 40 points

Total = 499 points

What this team lacks in support powers it makes up for in staying power and damage output. White King just keeps coming back and has a great leadership power. Lady Deathstrike charges through terrain and charges and blades. Having the Regeneration on her second click feels like she is meant to be used with the ATA also. The range options come from Bonebreaker and Skulbuster. Pretty boy makes for a great secondary attacker.

PROS: The ability to be able to do something every go could be crucial in a game. To be able to kill an opponent before he can run away or finish the game before that clock counts down in a more competitive game. With the likes of Donald Pierce and Lady Deathstrike you could also use the ATA to Regenerate themselves. Also every one of these pieces have Indomitable so you do not have to take pushing damage and then another for the ATA if you choose to use it. It has potential to make the team exceedingly violent!

 CONS: With Donald Pierce's Leadership power you may get so lucky to not have to warrant getting to use the ATA. If successful he can remove two tokens. You should still get some use out of it and still prevents you from taking one damage and are free to use the ATA on the turn after. It also gives some insight as to what it costs for a Masters of Evil piece to have their TA as this one comes in at 8 points per piece. A total of 40 points per team could be used on a resource, relic or another figure. It is a big investment for something that damages you. 

Overall I feel it is worth the points. The ability to act every go if needed could be priceless. I myself cannot wait to give this ATA a go at my next available opportunity!

Do you all agree with my analysis? Anyone had much luck with their Australian cyborgs?



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Ian King

posted on Tuesday, 15 October 2013 21:12:04 Europe/London
A great, well thought out team as always Elliot. I love the synergy you poited out between the ATA, regen, Indomitable AND leadership. Using theme team probability control to make the regen or leadership stick when you need it to just makes them better. The duracell Bunny of cyborgs, they just keep hitting you!

My only reservation in using the TA would be the cost. 39 points would get you the Mutant Mayhem Veteran Skullbuster (The 'female' version of the character and I believe second to bear the name). Despite being ancient, a stealthed ranged attacker with 10AV 3Dmg is not to be sneezed at!

Love the 90s cartoon screen grab by the way! Memories of Phillip Schofield and Gordon the Gopher plus a bit of wooden voiceover acting will haunt the rest of my day!

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