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Monday, 13 May 2013 09:08:00 Europe/London

Hello again and welcome to another edition of ATA analysis! There are many different ways to fill those holes of unused build points. You can use special objects, resources and of course ATA's. ATA's are also a great concept to build a team around and can give structure to your team building. In each article I will be reviewing a different ATA and weigh up the good and bad points. This week we shall be looking at the Shadowpact ATA!

The group was formed on the spur of the moment by Enchantress, Detective chimp and Ragman to get rid of the Spectre because of his decision to destroy all magic in the universe. They were also joined by Blue Devil, Nightshade and Nightmaster.

So what does the ATA do? Lets have a look


Keywords = Shadowpact. Point cost = 1 point.

Shadowpact - “This character ignores the mystics team ability of other characters” 

Wow that reads like one of the simplest ATA's out there! Quite simply any figure using this ATA ignores other figures mystics team ability. Therefore whenever you hit another figure and deal damage you would no longer take the one unavoidable damage after actions resolve. This fits the theme of the team as they are all magic based hero's. 


Here is an example team that you can use with this ATA

Enchantress -  JL52                            250 points
Nightmaster -  DC75th                           69 points
Detective chimp -  DC75th                      62 points
Nightshade - Arkham Asylum               50 points
Ragman Veteran -  Collateral damage    58 points
Blue Devil Veteran- Collateral damage 100 points
Shadowpact ATA = 6 points
Total  = 595 points 

This line up is taken from the early incarnation of shadow pact as mentioned above. The team offers a heavy damage dealer in the form of the new Enchantress, secondary attackers with Nightmaster and Blue Devil and support figures Detective chimp and Nightshade. Even in the ever increasing world of power creep, this team still feels competitive. This team also sports every figure with the Mystics team ability so it can ignore it while at the same time give it out.

PROS:  Taking damage from opponents figures via the Mystics team ability can either be annoying if it is on one or two figures for example or it can be game breaking if it is assigned to every one of the opponents figures. The ability to ignore taking one unavoidable damage could be crucial. It is also only one point, one of the cheapest ATA's out there. Like most other ATA's it is also copyable, any wild cards that are on your team can also make use of this ATA. Potentially one of the better ATA's out there.

CONS: There are only 95 figures with the Mystics team ability. It is a huge possibility that you may not play against a team with the Mystics team ability on their team. If they do they may only play one. It is unlikely that they will play a whole team of Mystics (unless facing another Shadowpact team!). Potentially it may not be used at all in a 3 or 4 game tournament. There are also other things to spend points on these days such as a resource or special objects rather than an ATA that you may not use.

What does everyone think about the ATA? Please leave your comments below. Please come back next time for another ATA analysis!

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Ian King

posted on Monday, 13 May 2013 19:53:56 Europe/London
Nice article. Any TA that only costs one point is a good TA in my book!

Another big advantage of this one is that with the changes to MIND CONTROL on the new 2013 PAC we will be seeing a lot more of that power I think. With the ATA in place you won't be taking extra damage from attacking your own team which always feels like adding insult to injury! (Or is that injury to injury?!?!)

It is a shame that Shadowpact really needs that Enchantress as a heavy hitter meaning smaller builds are hard to do (especially while fitting on the ATA) and remaining competitive.

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