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Monday, 10 June 2013 09:08:00 Europe/London

Hello again! My name is Elliott Weights and welcome to another instalment of ATA analysis. There are many different ways to fill those holes of unused build points. You can use special objects, resources and of course ATA's. ATA's are also a great concept to build a team around and can give structure to your team building. Each of these articles will review a different ATA and weigh up the good and bad points of each one. I will also build an example team that you could use with the ATA. This time I shall be looking at the Society ATA!

The secret society of super villains (also known as the society) has had many guises over thee years. First being formed by Darkseid to eventually Alex Luthor (disguised as Lex Luthor) leading a roster of 200 members strong (villains united #1)

So what does the ATA do you ask? Lets take a look


Keywords = Secret Society of Super Villains or The Society. Point Cost = 3 points.

The Society = Whenever a character using this team ability is targeted by Outwit, you roll a d6. On a result of 4-6, the opposing character that targeted your character cannot use Outwit to target that character this turn. This team ability cannot be used by wild cards.

So what does that all mean? Well whenever one of your figures is targeted by an opponents outwit you would attempt to cancel that use of outwit by rolling a 4-6 on a single dice. The opponent is free to use that outwit targeting another figure, where you would get to roll again. It is also not able to be copied by wild cards.


Here is an example team you could use with this ATA

 Lex Luthor – DC10th anniversary 100 points
Killer Croc - Streets of Gotham 96 points
Calculator – Arkham Asylum 55 points
Jinx – Teen Titans 39 points
Deathstroke – Streets of Gotham 147 points
Doctor Light – Teen Titans 135 points
Society ATA – 6x3 points = 18 points
Total = 590 points

All of these villains appeared in Alex Luthor's roster of the Secret Society of Super Villains. This team has ranged pieces with Doctor Light and his nine range, close combat with Lex and Killer Croc. There is also support powers in the form of Probability control from Jinx, Perplex from Deathstroke and Calculator (a perplex for all!) and Outwit from Calculator. There is also 10 points left for special object/ resource.

PROS: The ATA offers a 50/50 chance at protecting your figure from being outwitted. Most of the time your opponent will want to cancel a specific power on a specific figure, for example a damage reduction power. A successful roll with the ATA would mean that figure cannot be targeted with Outwit by that particular figure and the figure with Outwit is free to target again. However your opponent wanted to Outwit the other figure. There may also be no other figures in his outwit range, more relevant with the new rules just around the corner and a minimum outwit range of 6 rather than a standard 10 squares. It is also only 3 points per character.

CONS: In a game where luck features heavily this ATA only works half of the time. You cannot rely on it to protect your figures from being outwitted. If the opponent is playing a lot of Outwit pieces, it will take a lot of luck to roll it every time. On the flip side if the opponent is not playing any Outwit figures then it would be wasted points. Points that could be spent on a resource etc. A very slight disadvantage is that it cannot be copied by wild cards.

 All in all it is a very useful ATA giving you a chance at avoiding your figures from being outwitted. This ATA should see more use with the fearsome five figures being released also!


 What do you all think about the Society ATA?



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elliott weights

posted on Wednesday, 12 June 2013 12:42:30 Europe/London
Already beat you to it Alan! My next ATA article will be on the New legion of monsters ATA and will be focussing on the new ones for a while as they are all so good.

I like the Society ATA it is tjust a shame that the choice of figures is limited

Alan Gibson

posted on Wednesday, 12 June 2013 09:09:09 Europe/London
With outwit being a regular in most people team builds this ATA normally gives you good chance of being of some benefit. However I would only use it if I had the points left over and couldn't find anything else to spend it on.

On another point Wizkids looked for a moment like they weren't bothering with ATA's any more but really really glad to see the new ones coming out with the players guide. I hope you are going to cover these in your next article

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