Battle Report - Game 1

Wednesday, 6 January 2016 08:00:00 Europe/London

Welcome to the first in a new series we are calling Battle Reports. Basically these are just turn by turn breakdowns of Heroclix games that we have played online and we hope might be interesting to other players.
To play online we are using the website from this also allows you to using tokens to represent your characters on the map and other effects. We also used Skype and an online dice roller and Hcrealms unit section to track dials.
For the first game we decided to play a 300pt game using just characters and ATAs and the two opponents were Chris Dunn and Andrew Wood.

Team Chris
1: NFAOS047 Dr Demonicus 80pts
2: DP020 Weasel 27pts
3: FL060 Engineer 90pts
4: DP007bThe Professor 34pts
5: FL043 Murmur 65pts
Hydra Deep Science Division ATA 3pts
Total 299pts

Team Andy
1: NFAOS061 Avengers Sky-Cycle 50pts
2: GoTG057 Beyonder 100pts
3: SMWW060 Mr. Mxyzptlk 70pts
4: WKM15-011 Dr Strange 75pts
Total 295pts
With his +5 to initiative Chris won map and put us on the War of Light Space map. The main reason for this was it grants Improved Movement ignores elevation and that could greatly help out Murmur get into position and my colossals line of fire couldn't be blocked by anything on the map.
Team Chris started on the bottom right of the map, Team Andy top left. Andy rolled a 6 for the Beyonder's (2) trait meaning he started on click 6 and another 6 for Mr Mxyzptlk's (3) trait as well meaning he had a 6 to replace any dice roll with. Andy is blue numbers and starts top left and Chris is orange numbers and starts bottom right. 
Turn 1
Chris: I gave a power action to Dr Demonicus (1) to bring out Batragon (6) and he took a move action to carry up Demonicus (1) and Weasel (2). Engineer (3) just chose probability control and sidestepped carrying the professor (4). I gave Murmur (5) a move action to join up with the others.
Andy: First off, I gave Beyonder (2) a power action to pilot the Cycle and then just carried up the rest of my team, giving Dr Strange (4) a free action via his trait to increase the teams defence +1.
Turn 2
Chris: To make sure I blocked the Sky Cycle using running shot to come around the right hand side of the map I gave Engineer a move action carrying the Professor and placed him on the object in L17. His stealth and secret Mastermind defence power meant there was no way the cycle could target either him or any of the other characters.
If Andy had access to perplex he could have got the Sky Cycle to the 2 squares of elevation P11 and P10 but I knew he didn't so I thought I was fairly safe. I then sidestepped Engineer with Demonicus just to swap positions and perplexed up Batragon's defence with Demonicus. I knew Batragon could be targeted but with a 22 defence he has going to be hard to hit and I didn't mind too much if he was KO'd as I would then be free to bring out a different colossal with Demonicus.
Andy: I wasn't in any immediate danger so decided not to take the risk attacking Batragon and just cleared choosing to give the Cycle shape change from the Beyonder.

Note: the line on the image is a line of sight tool used on the website, I forgot to remove it when taking future screenshots
Turn 3
Chris: At the start of this turn I was debating whether to move up now or wait and clear Engineer before I did so. I really wanted the Cycle to have to move on to the elevated terrain to shoot making it easier to tie him up plus I knew Mxyzptlk had a 6 on his card meaning that he could shape change or super sense out of most attacks so I took the easy way out and just cleared thinking if Andy didn't attack I would move up next turn.
Andy: There was no way I could make it across to attack on anybody but Batragon, it was a good map for Chris with great positioning. I decided to be the offensive player and attempted a running shot against Batragon with the Cycle carrying up Dr Strange and Mxyzptlk. With an 11 attack I still needed an 11 to hit but with that 6 waiting to replace any dice I really only needed to roll a 5 or 6 on either dice. Unfortunately, I rolled two 4s.
This team is so defensive I didn't worry too much about retaliation. With Dr Strange making everybody at least 18 defence, a six on Mr. Mxyzptlk's card to guarantee shape change or super sense I was confident with my decision.
Turn 4
Chris: Engineer took Hypersonic and Perplex and both she and Demonicus perplexed up Batragon's movement. Batragon then charged carrying the Professor, I placed the Professor next to the Cycle and Batragon took a swing at Mxyzptlk which hit but he evaded it with his super senses. I should have probably gone for the Cycle and hoped I could make Andy use up that 6 that was on Mxyzptlk's card for the Shape Change or even better Dr Strange but as he has mystics I had it in my head to try and keep Batragon alive this turn to make sure I had a couple of characters adjacent to the Professor.
Engineer then sidestepped up carrying Murmur and stupidly I decided not to carry Murmur up with the Hypersonic attack from Engineer which missed anyway but I left Murmur sitting in no man's land pretty far away from the action. Finally I used the Professor to outwit the Cycle's running shot meaning that it had no valid targets for an attack next turn.
Andy: The sky-cycle looked in trouble, caught next to the Professor. I had to clear it, but wanted to use Dr. Strange to KO characters around him so I could outwit his power, so took out Batragon this turn with a psychic blast from the good Doctor.
Turn 5
Chris: I knew I had to try and make up for mistakes of last turn so decided to go all out to KO something. Demonicus brought out Cerebus, perplexed up his range, weasel moved adjacent to them both. Engineer took Probability control and Cerebus used ranged combat expert putting everything into attack. He had a 14 attack against Strange's 20 defence with a prob from Engineer if necessary and he hit and KO'd Strange who KO'd Cerebus with his Mystics. Unfortunately that took all my 3 actions so Murmur was once again sitting out in the open doing very little.
Andy: I took poison with the Sky Cycle and used it against the Professor, but knew I couldn't just sit there, I had to take a KO myself. Before the game started I said I didn't want to be distracted too much by the pogs, so decided I would go for Dr. Demonicus. So I gave the Sky Cycle a power action to place Beyonder on the map I took perplex using Beyonder's trait, as I now had -1 stats, and perplexed up my damage – using hypersonic I managed to KO Dr. Demonicus.
Turn 6
Chris: I picked Hypersonic again with Engineer, tried to hit the Cycle but missed and carried the Professor away down to where weasel was sitting all my himself. Murmur finally got into the action and moved to base Beyonder and hopefully try and tie him up with his plasticity.
Andy: I managed to break away from Murmur, and hit with a ranged attack which made him far less effective, then moved my Sky-Cycle into position to tie up his team. Mr. Mxyzptlk so far had been a support, using power actions to make sure he had a dice on his card to skew things in my favour, but I felt I needed to push him onto his offensive click to wrap the game up, so I moved him closer to the Beyonder so he could be carried when double tokened.
Turn 7
Chris: Engineer took poison, professor outwitted the Cycle's toughness and I poisoned it for one but cleared everyone else.
Andy: I gave Mxyzptlk a move action just to push him on to his second click, clearing everyone else.

Turn 8
Chris: Engineer tried to break away with sidestep carrying weasel but failed so instead did the same as last turn, poisoning the Cycle, choosing stealth to protect her from Beyonder's ranged attacks. I then tried to attack the Cycle with engineer but missed.
Murmur moved up with the rest of my team. At this point things weren't looking too great for me, Engineer was being tied up by the Cycle and Beyonder and Mxyzptlk were about to come finish me off. I probably should have chosen Hypersonic and precision strike and gone for Mxyzptlk but without weasel's bonuses I wouldn't be able to do enough damage to KO him so instead I sat there flailing ineffectually.
Andy: I managed to finish off Murmur with Hypersonic from Beyonder, carrying Mxyzptlk.
Turn 9
Chris: I had one last chance of taking out Beyonder with Engineer choosing Hypersonic, Super Strength and Battle Fury to get around his shape change. Successfully broke away from the Cycle picking up a heavy object and needed a 7 to take him out, rolling a 6 :(
That was pretty much game over as then Mxyzptlk pulse waved what remained of my team giving them 2 tokens each, which KO'd the Professor and pushed Weasel and Engineer. He then followed up next turn by doing exactly the same and Beyonder was then able to clean up.
Thoughts On The Game
Chris: If I hadn't made the error when I failed to get Murmur into the fray on turn 4 I might have put up a better fight. Also that 6 on Mxyzptlk's card just scared me off attacking characters with Shape Change or Super Senses when really I may have been better doing the opposite and trying to make him use it up. Mxyzptlk overall just frightens me to death as there is just so much he is capable of.
Just a few things to note with his pulse wave power is that as the pulse wave ignores game effects used or possessed by characters in the area of effect having willpower will not save you from the pushing damage and as the pulse wave doesn't do any damage he doesn't mind pulse waving friendly characters as he can just choose to assign them 0 tokens.
Andrew: There were a few points where I felt it could have gone either way, the main one being when Engineer needed 7, rolled six and missed, I'm not sure Mr. Mxyzptlk could have taken the rest of the game.
He's a seriously nasty figure though, the amount he can do, and the impact he has offensively and defensively for your team is huge. I hadn't tried him before, but I see what all the hype is about. Beyonder jumping off the Sky-Cycle was also risky, but my hand was forced. I knew he had barrier, so an attack from Engineer could have easily finished him off, but it worked out in the end! 
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David Webster

posted on Wednesday, 6 January 2016 12:55:59 Europe/London
I like this as a concept and is very informative and thorough as a breakdown of the match played. Keep them comming

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