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Wednesday, 18 September 2013 10:08:00 Europe/London

Hey guys and welcome back to Collector's Corner where we're taking a look at the first of our Wolverine and the X-Men figures non other than Piotr Rasputin, better know as the armoured mutant Colossus.

I've been looking forward to the WatXm set for a while now, I'm a huge fan of the Jim Lee inspired costume designs Wizkids have highlighted in their sculpts, the designs also harken back to the X-Men cartoon from the 90s giving these figures that extra nostalgia factor.

Colossus has been a mainstay of the X-Men universe ever since his first appearance in Giant-Size X-Men #1 in 1975, proving to be an invaluable member of the team with his superhuman strength, organic steel skin and willingness to sacrifice himself for the benefit of others.

Set: Wolverine and the X-Men (2013)
Number: 002/202
Rarity: Common/Gravity Feed

Sculpt: Wizkids have the original Colossus creators Dave Cockrum and Len Wein to thank for a truly striking, yet simple, design that looks gorgeous when scaled down to Heroclix scale.

Colossus strikes a commanding pose, towering over his team mates on the battlefield and he looks like he's ready to launch into battle against his adversaries. Size wise he is taller than the average Heroclix figure yet not as big as some of the Hulks we've had recently, so just right for the surprisingly shy Russian giant.

Wizkids have also managed to fit an amazing amount of detail into Colossus' sculpt, from the lines on his organic steel skin to his belt and cuffs being indented into the figure everything is here. The only thing that's slightly off is the size of his belt buckle, which is more akin to that of a professional wrestler than something someone would wear in an actual fight though this could be attributed to the sculptors using Jim Lees cover to X-Men #1 as inspiration.

Colossus is also a switchclix figure for use with the X-Men Gold team base where his red base fits in perfectly. I do think Wizkids missed a beat here however as the X-Men would have been the perfect fit for a more generic team base that let players choose who to add, though this would force a change in the team base rules.






Paint: The painters at Wizkids must have groaned when they saw all the different layers of yellow and red on Colossus but they've done a surprisingly good job considering how close together the lines are, though there are a few areas where the paint bleeds over.

The metallic paint for Colossus' organic steel has a satisfying sheen but it looks like this was applied before the other colours and the yellow has a spot of bother covering up the silver on his chest.

Colossus' belt buckle might be a tad large but this does mean the painters had more room to work with and the X-Men symbol is perfect, it looks like it was either applied as a transfer or stencil leading to a perfect circle with an X in the centre.




Variants: It's been a while since we last saw a standard Colossus figure with the first one from the Xplosion set still standing up quite well. The sculpt for the older figure might be more comic accurate with his large shoulder pads but it comes off more comical than comic.

The older figures darker paint job also makes Colossus look more dark and gritty whereas the character always seemed like a much more light hearted and merry opposite for the darker characters like Wolverine. Though I do like the extra detail and shading on Colossus' face on the older figure which could have really enhanced the newer figure.

Overall: Colossus might not have any features that make him stand out, though his impressive height certainly makes him stand up tall, he is a great representation of the 1990s X-Men title character and fans of the character will be pleased with what they find here.


Check back next time when we take a look at Cyclops brother, and co-star of 'X-Men: First Class,' Havok.

Paul started collecting Heroclix over a decade ago when he picked up a Hypertime booster at his local comic book store, he was instantly hooked by the idea of detailed collectible figures that you could also play a game with. Check out his blog where he posts comic book news and reviews here: Impulsive Reactions

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Ian King

posted on Saturday, 21 September 2013 16:33:10 Europe/London
Not as good a sculpt as the mutations and monsters one from a few years back, but I'm pleased to have a decent modern colossus. The low points value and solid statline make him even more endearing. (especially compared to the X-plosion ones, utterly useless!).. I'm disappointed that they had colossus stand on the red bit of the team base. It makes him look like his feet are melded to the floor, had he been on the grey bit he would have lokked better on a standard base IMO.

Thanks for the review Comrade!

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