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Tuesday, 5 November 2013 10:08:00 Europe/London

Welcome back to Collector's Corner where we're taking a look at one of the X-Men: Blue Strike Force team base figures, Gambit!

Gambit is one of those modern characters who, like Deadpool, has really caught the imagination of comic book readers and becoming a fan favourite in a very short amount of time, even reaching 65th on IGN's list of Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time. The character was first introduced in 1990 by legendary creators Chris Claremont and Jim Lee.

Originally called Remy LeBeau Gambit has a slew of powers ranging from imbuing objects, like playing cards, with kinetic force that explode on contact, to his hypnotic charm that works on anyone who doesn't know about it, perfect in his previous profession as a thief.

Set: Wolverine and the X-Men (2013)
Number: 031
Rarity: Rare



Sculpt: Once again Gambit's sculpt is based on Jim Lee's amazing 1990's X-Men redesigns that hold such a nostalgia for me, Gambit's may be one of the more over designed of them all by somehow a trench coat, cowl and bright pink armour work on the character.

Everything that fans love about Gambit is present here as well, we have his Bo staff and his infamous playing cards which look great being thrown at his opponents. For that extra level of detail Gambit can make a ranged combat attack against 3 enemies and that is exactly how many cards are being thrown.

I love the dynamic pose the character is in, with his trench coat blowing behind him in a realistic way he really does look like his jumped off the comic book page or cartoon screen mid fight. The sculpt even goes so far as to include the ridges on Gambits armour on his legs and chest to a highly comic accurate degree, and one of the better hair sculpts from the company as well.



Paint: This is one of the best paint jobs I've seen Wizkids produce in a long time. Gambit's costume is littered with a lot of different colours, from metallic pink to black and browns, so there's a lot of contrast that will really stick out if there's any overlap however this is perfectly done. Whoever painted Gambit chose the exact order to paint each colour so that any overlap was hidden very well.

The pink lines on his legs are that incredibly straight I have to presume they were applied with a stencil, he has eyebrows and even eyes painted on and best of all the cards he's throwing are all painted too! The artist has even went in and painted individual suits onto the cards so there's no repetition.

Wizkids are also stepping up their game with their use of translucent plastic, here it has even been painted with a washed down pink to make Gambit's kinetic blast look like it's in motion.

My only slight niggle I have with the paint job is that Gambit's Bo staff is the same colour as his trench coat so it blends in on his back, it would have been much better if they'd used the darker brown from his hair on the staff to make it stick out more.



Gambit and Magik


Comic Connections: Gambit has had a lot of changes over the relatively short time he's been around and Wizkids try to pack as many as possible onto his dial. Naturally he has a high number of ranged targets, three, which along with his Penetrating/Psychic Blast power perfectly represents his card slinging ability.

Anyone who's seen the X-men Origins: Wolverine movie will recognise Gambits skill with a Bo staff and his ability to use the staff to get to high places and his special ability Sneak Thief combines this with his reputation as a master thief together Gambit around the map, and out of sight, as fast as possible.

What fans might not be familiar with is Gambits hypnotic charm however, represented here with Mind Control, a power that could shock your opponents as well especially when used to take control of their biggest hitter.

The biggest surprise for opponents has to be Gambits trait The Best Thief In The Big Easy which allows you to remove any object 5 points or less from the game, perfect for when you're facing someone who likes to use a lot of relics or special objects.

Overall: Gambit is a perfect representation of the 1990s version of the character with a brilliant dynamic sculpt and one of the best paint jobs from Wizkids in a long time, this is a figure you won't want to miss.


Paul started collecting Heroclix over a decade ago when he picked up a Hypertime booster at his local comic book store, he was instantly hooked by the idea of detailed collectible figures that you could also play a game with. Check out his blog where he posts comic book news and reviews here: Impulsive Reactions

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Ian King

posted on Friday, 8 November 2013 16:33:51 Europe/London
Yup! What you said! One of my favourites from the set sculpt-wise. Cyclops very nearly works but Gambit is great!

A suggestion for your next article: could you tackle one of the recent film-based sets? How do they compare to their on-screen representation and how close are they to their comic book counterpart. Does Clix-Thor look like Chris Helmsworth? If so I may be able to get my wife into this game at long last! :)

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