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Welcome back to Collector's Corner, after a short break we're back to take a look at the new Teen Titans set and where better to start than one of the groups newest major villains Harvest!

Set: Teen Titans (2013)
Number: 056
Rarity: Super Rare

Harvest is one of the newest characters in the Teen Titans set, debuting just over a year ago in Superboy #7, and was the main antagonist for the New 52 Teen Titans in the majority of their first year. He is the leader of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. an organisation that enslaves young metahumans and makes them do Harvests bidding. Harvest eventually came head to head with the Teen Titans, the time displaced Legionnaires and his own group of teenage heroes The Ravagers in a Hunger Games style tournament including a hundred metahumans. The villain eventually lost the ensuing battle but used the classic excuse of that being his plan all along.

Harvest 1


 I'm really surprised and impressed that we got a figure of Harvest so quickly after his first appearance, and he really compliments the Ravagers story wise for themed games. 'The Culling' storyline might not have hit it off with comic fans but his striking design really translates well into the realm of Heroclix, and fans of the game have been getting really excited about his dial.

 Even if you don't have prior knowledge of the character you can tell at first glance that Harvest is not one of the good guys, evil just oozes from the figure. His glowing scythe, huge black wings and menacing appearance all translate into villain in the comic book world and make the Harvest figure really stand out on the Heroclix battlefield. At 263 points Harvest will be a big chunk of your team in lower point battles so it's a good job the figure has such a big presence as he'll most likely be leading your team.

 The detail that Wizkids have managed to get into Harvest's wings is astounding, and it even continues on the inside of the wings too, making them look like actual feathers is something that's difficult to do at any scale so it's especially impressive here. Wizkids have also used their now trademark translucent plastic to make Harvest's scythe stand out even more amongst all the black on the rest of the character.


Harvest 2

Paint: From a distance Harvest looks like he's mostly black, and his wings definitely are, but on closer inspection there are some nice details in his armour.

 I'm always amazed at how well Heroclix are painted considering their scale and Harvest doesn't disappoint, the ridges in his armour are painted blue and red to match his comic book counterpart. Wizkids have even managed to paint Harvest's face and the blindfold over the characters eyes separately, the person who paints these figures definitely has a steadier hand than mine!

 Wizkids haven't rested on their laurels with Harvest's staff and have added a coating to the blue plastic to make it look like it's in a state of flux, which actually works under the right light and gives the figure that little bit extra compared to others in the set.



Overall: Harvest is one of the best figures in the Teen Titans set and will really stand out on your shelf or leading a villainous team not he battlefield. The characters design makes him stand out even if you don't know who he is, though I'm betting a lot of people will be tracking down comics to find that out after seeing the figure, and Wizkids have put a lot of effort into making this figure a step above the rest.


Harvest 3

Check back in two weeks time to have a look at a new addition to the game, Team Bases, and the full Justice League assembles to populate their watchtower team base!

 Paul started collecting Heroclix over a decade ago when he picked up a Hypertime booster at his local comic book store, he was instantly hooked by the idea of detailed collectible figures that you could also play a game with. Check out his blog where he posts comic book news and reviews here: Impulsive Reactions

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