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Sunday, 6 October 2013 10:08:00 Europe/London

 Welcome back to another edition of Collector's Corner where we'll be taking a look at Havok from the Wolverine and the X-Men set.

 Better know as Cyclops' younger brother, Havok has recently been launched into the limelight after his older brothers fall from grace during 'Avengers Vs. X-Men' leading to Havok taking over as the new 'spokesman' for the mutant race as the leader of the Uncanny Avengers.

Havok, whose real name is Alex Summers, also featured in 'X-Men: First Class,' though with a drastically different costume reminiscent of the original X-Men in the comics, and is due to make a return in the sequel 'X-Men: Days of Future Past.'

Set: Wolverine and the X-Men (2013)
Number: 024/203
Rarity: Uncommon/Gravity Feed

 Havok front

Sculpt: Havoks costume has went through a series of reinterpretations since his debut in 1969 and Wizkids have decided to go with one of the more popular designs from his time on the Starjammers team. Wizkids have done a great job of capturing the costume with some nicely detailed hair on top, 'X' logo on his belt and raised X's on his shins.

Personally I like this design a lot better than the one he's wearing in 'Uncanny Avengers' as it leaves his hair open and the circle on his chest is a little more subdued.

The highlight of the figure has to be the waves of cosmic energy emanating from his hands with ripples that make them look fluid and in motion. Naturally these are done in a clear blue plastic to really pop and Wizkids have even managed to get Havok's hands to pop through them rather than resting the waves in front of them which is a nice touch.

The vast majority of Havok's costume is black which blocks out a lot of the detail in his sculpt but his has the typical superhero muscular physique showing through his costume and his ears are even clearly visible through his helmet.



Paint: Once again I'm astounded by the steady hands of Wizkids' painters, Havok is littered with straight lines over his chest, back and belt and all were flawless on the figure I received.

The shade of blue used for the lines on Havok's suit blend in very well with clear blue plastic as well creating an 'electrified' look perfectly recreating his powers.

At first glance I wasn't that impressed with the paint job on his face, it seemed bland, however after the good ole "holding him at arms length test" I could still make out his features and he looked fairly realistic. I just wish Wizkids would stop advertising Heroclix with CGI models like those on the character cards which give us all unrealistic expectations.

 As pointed out by Ian King on the last review Colossus' base being the same colour as his feet did make him blend in and made "him look like his feet are melded to the floor", and Havok suffers from the same issue. Havok's base even seems to have been painted a shiny black, the same as his feet, which further exacerbates the issue.


Havok back 

Comic Connections: Comic Connections is a new addition to the figure reviews and examines how closely the figures dial represents the character from the comics.

First of all I love how Wizkids have added a trait called 'Many Teams…' to Havok's card, a little tongue in cheek but a brilliant nod to the characters constant changing affiliations, this also means that Havok can use any team ability of friendly allies that share a keyword with him.

As a Mutant with the power to emanate cosmic energy both Energy Explosion and Pulse Wave are also good choices at representing his powers in the realm of Heroclix.

Havok's time leading a few mutant teams also means he gets a click of Leadership at the beginning of his dial. No Alex Summers figure would be complete without a reference to the Sibling Rivalry between himself and his brothers Cyclops and Vulcan which grants him Willpower for his last two clicks very useful for getting him out of tight corners or moving then attacking in successive turns.

Summer Brothers

Overall: Havok is a solid figure and a great interpretation of the character in one of my favourite costumes of his, plus the blue waves of cosmic energy translate into real life remarkably well. Fans of the characters will enjoy the references to his history on the character card as well as the good representation of his powers while playing him.


Paul started collecting Heroclix over a decade ago when he picked up a Hypertime booster at his local comic book store, he was instantly hooked by the idea of detailed collectible figures that you could also play a game with. Check out his blog where he posts comic book news and reviews here: Impulsive Reactions

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Ian King

posted on Tuesday, 15 October 2013 21:02:31 Europe/London
Thanks Paul. I like the comic connections you have added to your reviews. I'm more of a gamer of minitures than a reader of comics so find other's explanations of powers on characters I know only in passing very helpful.

The figure is a really good example of clear plastic used well. Black is the perfect colour to set it off and it realy looks like his arms are solid and attached to his hands (which i always find helpful in real life). Other figures with different coloured hands to arms show up the gapping far more or can look hollow (JL 52 Enchantress, awesome power! Hilarious sculpt!)

The new figure is certainly better than the old Mutant Mayhem one, although I miss the intricate lightning effect from that old chestnut. Thanks again, your articles keep getting better (which is a complete compliment, they started good too!)

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