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Welcome back to Collectors Corner where we're going to go 'Mano a Mano' with the Legion of Superheroes villain Mano. Aptly named after the Portuguese phrase for hand to hand combat this villain doesn't need weapons as his mutation allows his right hand to disintegrate anything he touches with his antimatter power.

Mano's power is so great that after feeling like he was mistreated by his people he strained his power to the max and destroying the entire planet. Mano can't survive on most other planets without wearing an environmental suit which encases his entire body including his head.

The villain has teamed up with the Legion of Superheroes in the past when they needed some help to take down the Sun-eater, though Mano mostly spends his time with the Fatal Five a group of super villains in the 30th century.

Set: Superman and the Legion of Superheroes (2014)
Number: 025
Rarity: Uncommon
Points: 100 (full dial)/65 (last 5 clicks)
Mano Sculpt

Sculpt: Manos design just oozes that retro 60's look that a lot of the Legion characters and villains have and WizKids have managed to capture it very well here. The bright yellow and brown of Mano's costume pops on the figure and the stencil on his chest is a great way of incorporating his logo.

The white lines on his torso and neck are usually red in the comics and would have benefitted from being the colour to separate them from the yellow. These lines have been shown as white as they are here however and white was probably chosen to differentiate it from the brown highlights.

WizKids have clearly taken inspiration from the 70s artwork showing Mano when they chose the pose for the figure which is grandiose, but then Mano does have the power to destroy planets after all. Mano's right hand of disintegration is shown off being enveloped in clear plastic to portray his powers being activated.

Mano's protective helmet clearly steals the show however and makes the sculpt really stand out. WizKids would have been forgiven for simply giving the figure a translucent blue head to represent his hazard suit, and at first glance that's exactly what it looks like they've done, but on closer inspection there's a clear plastic skull in the middle of the helmet which is surprisingly detailed and gives the figure an eerie look perfect for the notorious villain.

Mano Sculpt 2

Playability: Mano can be played at two point values 100 or 65, gaining 2 clicks at the higher value, and he has something to bring to the table at both options.

First of all is the incredible trait 'Anti-Matter Touch' which not only grants Mano poison throughout his dial but also allows you to deal penetrating damage with the power as long as you're only targeting one opposing character. That's right you get the chance to do one damage as a free action before you do anything else with Mano on your turn, and those pesky damage reducers like Impervious won't get in your way.

Mano's dial is geared towards the best use of this trait as possible, he almost always has either Charge or Sidestep showing on his dial which are great for getting him adjacent to your opponents so he can use his anti-matter touch on them.

Once he's next to the enemy he has both Toughness and Combat Reflexes to give him a bit of staying power, as well as Exploit Weakness to deal out a bit of damage of his own.

At only 7 clicks with none of the big damage reducers or avoiders on his dial Mano won't be around long if you use him as a meat shield or have him running up to your opponents biggest guns, but when used wisely he can be very annoying for your opponents weaker figures and support pieces.

Mano can even act as a support piece of your own with his special attack power 'Disintegrate Walls' which allows him to destroy an adjacent wall or square of blocking terrain as a free action. This is great for getting your pieces around confiding maps or even destroying that wall your opponent is hiding behind so they can be shot at.

His small point value may not be representative of Mano's potential to destroy planets but this does leave the possibility of making an entire Fatal Five theme team, something which themed players will definitely enjoy.


Mano Dial

Overall: Mano is a great little piece that brings one of the best special powers with him, the possibility to deal out penetrating poison at the beginning of your turn as a free action is very strong especially as it can't be Outwitted.


Mano Comic Cover

Paul started collecting Heroclix over a decade ago when he picked up a Hypertime booster at his local comic book store, he was instantly hooked by the idea of detailed collectible figures that you could also play a game with. Check out his blog where he posts comic book news and reviews here: Impulsive Reactions

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Ian King

posted on Sunday, 25 May 2014 19:21:56 Europe/London
Your articles go from strength to strength. I was just about to rummage through my clix box to check out his dial when I scroll down and find it. Thanks for the extra effort that took.

I agree with your sculpt assessment 100% on this one. That skull in the helmet is one of the cleverest things I've seen in a clix sculpt in ages.

I'd probably give just 3/5 for playability though. He's a bit too easy to hit so, after the initial charge, he'll probably get knocked clean past his poison power (not that precision strike is bad) and his bare backside (of the dial!) looks like it belongs back in the pre-carded era of clix defensively. Mind you the right TA to copy could change all that.

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