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Thursday, 13 June 2013 08:39:10 Europe/London

My name is Matt Hardy, a Heroclix Judge of 10 years standing and more importantly a huge comic book fan.

For me the very finest Heroclix games are those in which you field a team that could literally have jumped right out of the pages of your favourite comic book. A team that makes even your win-hungry opponent smile when he notices you’ve dug through your collection for the 23pt Toad needed to run an accurate Brotherhood of Mutants Team.

But I hear you cry – “I’ve played all the keyword teams, the Fantastic Four, the movie Avengers, even a Super-Buddies team! – what else is there?”

Well these articles will look at figures and teams that may have slipped your notice, share a bit of their history and put them in context of who they are in the comics. Finally, as these won’t always be keyword teams, I’ll even suggest a fun bespoke ATA to boost their playability.

I’m going to start with a short-lived but popular version of Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men – the group know as the ‘Extinction Team.’


Following the destruction of the Xavier School, the X-men eventually relocated to an artificial island in San Francisco Bay they named ‘Utopia’.

Whilst surviving mutants eagerly flocked to this safe haven, some felt that Utopia’s leader, Scott Summers (Cyclops), policy of separating the mutant race rather than integrating with humanity went against Charles Xavier’s teachings. Furthermore there were concerns that Cyclops viewed young mutants solely as soldiers.

These events came to a head in the 2011 Schism mini-series, the climax of which involved a large portion of the mutants on Utopia leaving with Wolverine to form a new X-school back in New York state.

With mutants no longer living just on Utopia, Cyclops knew he needed a more aggressive solution to protect them, but the departure of so many long-term X-men posed a problem. So utilising the diverse collection of mutants and resources that had made the exodus to Utopia, Cyclops put together arguably one of the most distinct and powerful X-men teams of all time.

Colossus (with Juggernaut’s power)
Emma Frost
Hope Summers

Extinction Team

(Three ‘Omega-Level’ mutants, an alien artificial intelligence, an X-man augmented with unstoppable mystical power, a demon sorceress able to teleport the team anywhere in the world, all tied together with a high level telepath and a mutant able to copy the powers of anyone on her team)

Due to the considerable power at its disposal, this was a team for the extinction level / end-of-world type threats that usually only the Avengers faced. But Cyclops had a secondary purpose for his ‘Extinction team’ – it was also a statement of the fearsome power he had at his command. If this team could defeat Gods and Celestials, who would be brave enough to come gunning for mutants knowing what this team could do in retaliation…..

Suggested Figures:

125 M10A019E Magneto
100 GG203 Namor
98 M10A020 Storm
114 M10A014 Emma Frost
124 MU039 Danger
28 CM037 Magick

This Cyclops is the ‘X-leader’ version from GXM set. This is the correct costume and figure from the period in Scott Summer’s life where he has taken responsibility for leadership of all Mutants.

You also need X-men versions of Namor (GG set) and Magneto (M10thA set). This Namor in particular is the version who led the Atlantians to settle at Utopia.

The Emma Frost and Storm are from the Marvel 10th Anniversary set. Extremely versatile and playable figures, they represent the top of their game, quintessential versions required here.

I’ve had to go back a little to the M&M set for the Danger (and much further back for the Magick). I’m hoping for a new version of Magick in the upcoming Wolverine and the X-Men set and I’ll be stunned if we don’t get a Hope Summers in that set as well – then I can finally complete my Extinction Team.

Playing this team:
With low attack values on the Magneto, you are initially best served using his TK to provide your team with mobility - throwing Namor close enough to Charge in or positioning Storm as an effective first strike piece, her defence powers keeping her safe enough to PsyBlast your opponent’s power piece off its top click. The Emma Frost is also a figure you may wish to push up the field, the White power that stops her turning the dial when taking damage makes her immune to being a one-shot kill and her Mind Control is a useful distraction. Cyclops leads best from the rear – using his X-Men TA Trait to heal his team, whilst getting off an occasional range attack to keep his teammates out of danger. Speaking of Danger, whilst her lack of move-and-attack means you will have to place her carefully, her PC is useful and her White power will severely hinder an opponent’s counter-attack. The Magick is a medic worrier, a figure to Phase in and tie up your opponent’s Support figure(s). She is not enough points to warrant attacking but if she hits some B/C/F rolls she is too much of a threat to be ignored. Finally, once your heavy hitters have worn down the opponent, Magneto flies in with a Pulse Wave to cut through late dial Toughness and Supersenses.

Even with a cheap version of Magneto the power of these figures means a high build total of 699pts. My venue often plays high build totals so you may well fancy upping this to 899pts with the comic accurate 200pt version of Colossus-Juggernaut (Collossus-naunt?) in the Fear Itself set.


Also if you wanted the points to play an ATA, you could remove Emma Frost and instead use the Extinction Team’s fall-back telepathic member: -

74 GX023 Psylocke.

In trying to decide what ATA to give this team, I initially wanted to reflect Cyclops’ desire for the Extinction Team to be respected and feared. Maybe a -1 modifier to all ranged attacks targeting a figure using this ATA? In the end I moved away from this idea when I remembered the shared telepathic link that allowed the Extinction Team to operate so efficiently. Therefore if your local Judge is happy to ‘house rule’ this into play, I suggest this TA to make your ‘Extinction team’ complete:


This means that when using powers that target your own figures (like Perplex or Probability Control), you can ignore other friendly characters, walls and outdoor blockage terrain for line of fire (line of sight).

Not a game breaking tactic but still a nice little advantage (especially for players like me whose dice rolls always need a little Perplex or theme team PC and whose figures may not always be in the correct place for this). It’s also worded so that characters like Danger who don’t have the X-Men keyword, can still use her PC on Extinction Team members that she can’t see.

If you enjoyed hearing about the Extinction Team you may want to pick up the 2011-2012 Uncanny X-Men #1 – #20. Written by fellow Englishman Kieron Gillen with Art from Carlos Pacheco and Greg Land. Whilst ultimately a casualty of the Avengers Vs X-Men cross-over, a version of the Extinction Team is still active in Brian Bendis’ current Uncanny X-Men book.

I hope you enjoyed this article. In future weeks I hope to look at why the modern day Howling Commandos really do Howl, why the X-Men let Norman Osborn turn them Dark, and how to raise a modern day L.E.G.I.O.N.

Now stop reading this and go read some comics 

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Matthew Hardy

posted on Monday, 17 June 2013 18:09:35 Europe/London
Thanks for the feedback Vicente. I'd love to do an article about the original Secret Wars. Although not an actual superhero team - the line-up of Heroes on Battleworld would make a great clix line-up. The only problem is we still don't have a Mark V Iron Man armour (the one Rhodey pilots during the storyline) so it wouldn't look quite right. Saying that I think the Villains team is very do-able.

And there are on-line pictures of WaTX Hope Summers doing the round so I will get to play my Extinction team.

Vicente De los Santos

posted on Sunday, 16 June 2013 10:35:06 Europe/London
Hello Matt! Great Article. Very Interesting that x-tinction team, and the custom ATA too. (I really like to make custom ATAs) Comic Accurate teams are always more fun to play that Sentroid+Wanda he he.

With the Phoenix-Chase Teams, I think that we would play Hope Summers... (and a bunch of mutants hehe)

How about an alternate assemblies with the old saga SECRET WARS!

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