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Friday, 18 December 2015 08:00:00 Europe/London

In this article series I will be taking a look at a particular generic keyword and looking at the outstanding characters with the keyword and trying to build a team, or teams, around them. Primarily I want to focus on common, uncommon and rare characters (although if I need to I will look at higher rarities) and building teams that are interesting rather than competitive.
 Last time out I looked at the Warrior keyword and I mentioned that the team I build didn't really suit my own personal playstyle, so this time I thought I would build a team that does suit my playstyle and look at the SCIENTIST keyword. Because of the abundance of cheap and effective figures with this keyword I am going to stick to 300pts Modern age. Now I have been having a lot of fun recently playing scientist teams but lets just go through some options for you at the common, uncommon and rare rarities.
AOU003 Ant-Man
AOU011 Monica Chang
NFAOS004 Fitz
FFOA003 Iron Man
IIM001 Iron Man
FL007 STAR labs Tech
DP020 Weasel
IIM015 Tony Stark
SLOSH024 Lex Luthor
NFAOS Dr Demonicus
AOU042 Ultron-6 (Drone)
GoTG Maximus
DP045 Genesis
IIM Iron Monger 2.0
JLTW045 Killer Frost
FL046 Harley Quinn
FL047 Zoom
A couple of things jump out at me when looking at this keyword 1) there is a ton of characters with support type powers available including perplex, outwit, enhancement and probability control 2) there are also a ton of characters that can bring in other characters from outside the game such as various Ant-Man, Fitz, Maximus etc. Now personally I love the combination of these so it's no surprise that I am planning on building my team with these 2 things in mind.
With the new changes to how size affects characters in Heroclix I have been playing Dr Demonicus quite a bit and he definitely fits our criteria, so I can't see any reason not to start the build around him. He is very squishy but the bystander tokens he brings in are definitely not and his perplex is valuable in itself. Another character, I should say characters really, that I have been playing a great deal of is Hank Pym in his various incarnations. I normally focus on morphing to bring out Ant Swarms and use those as tie up figures while the rest of my team do what they do, but some of the Hank Pym figures can do a lot more than just spawn Ants. I find one Hank Pym is never enough so lets go with x2 50pt versions of him. That takes the build to 180pts and we don't really have enough left to include one of the scientist heavy hitters such as Iron Man, Zoom or Killer Frost so instead of that lets just go mad, quite literally in this characters case, and include another scientist who relies on his friends to do his dirty work. At 75pts Maximus from the GotG set can bring in an Alpha Primitive twice a game and they round out our army nicely, he's no slouch himself bringing situational perplex, TK and outwit and then pushing on to a decent mind control power.
Our build is currently 255 pts so enough to include one of the very best support figures in the game at the moment DP020 Weasel. At just 27pts he is capable of turning just about any of Dr Demonicus's creations into a ranged powerhouse. Starchild for example has 11A, 4D and 3 range with psychic blast, standing weasel next to it makes that 12A, 5D and 4 range with a situational reroll. That leaves us with 18 points left and keeping with our plan to include lots of boosts and bringing in other figures lets include a couple of ID cards and the Avengers Response Unit ATA on both of the Hank Pym figures. The ID cards I am using are She-Hulk, for the 75pt She-Hulk from AOU and Triathlon for the 60pt figure in AVAS which brings us to 298pts.
Our Team
NFAOS047 Dr Demonicus 80pts
GOTG038 Maximus 75pts
AOU206E Wasp 50pts
AOU204E Yellowjacket 50pts
DP020 Weasel 27pts
Avengers Response Unit ATA assigned to Wasp and Ant-Man 6pts
She-Hulk and Triathlon ID cards 10pts
Total 298 pts
Note: The one thing I don't have on this team that I normally want is probability control, apart from Weasel's situational reroll power, however with all the stat bumps I can get I am happy that I won't miss it that much.
Strategy: This team is a little more complicated to play that our Warrior build but once you get the hang of knowing what all the Hank Pym figures do it isn't that hard to play. You are basically trying to overwhelm your opponent with numbers and positioning correctly to boost up your characters stats when attacking. You also get +5 to initiative so you will often get map choice and personally I would play an outdoor map with some elevation changes, to make the most out of your colossals. Although if you are facing a heavy ranged team you also have the option of playing an indoor map with lots of walls and blocking terrain to make it extremely difficult for them to get to you.

Whatever map you are on the first couple of turns will be spent spawning your army. I would suggest both Hank Pym's move and morph first turn, carry up Demonicus and Weasel. Turn 1 Maximus spawns an Alpha primitive and it free moves to pick up heavy object. Turn 2 Demonicus brings out Colossal (probably Cerebus for his range) and Hank Pyms morph again. So in 2 Turns you have x1 alpha primitive, x4 Ants and x1 Colossal out. This may seem like a lot of figures with only 3 actions but don't forget your Ant Swarms have sidestep and your alpha primitives have a free move if they stay near Maximus.
Your general aim with this team will be to encourage your opponent to come to you and then crush them with close combat attacks from the Alpha Primitives, Colossals and ID characters. In order to do this use your Ants and Colossals will harass your opponent and make them spend actions KO'ing 0 point figures whilst the rest of your team hide in safety. If you are able to score any points whatsoever with them your opponent is then forced to come after you which puts them in a very dangerous position. If your opponent appears reluctant to come to you then tie his figures up with Ants and carry up the rest of your team with the flying Hank Pyms and Colossals. You want to fight at close quarters not at range but don't try to close with Demonicus or Maximus unless you feel you really have to.
Rather than go through everything this team is capable of I will just give you a few examples. Alpha Primitives have an effective charge range of 9 with 10A and 3D, lets say they attack with a Heavy object, get their attack perplexed up by Maximus and you manage to position a Hank Pym next to him turning that 10/3 into a 12/5. Cerebus has 11A 3D 7 range with ranged combat expert, standing next to weasel and with a perplex from Demonicus you can make that 13/6 at 8 range ignoring elevation, characters and outdoor blocking. Triathlon has charge and flurry with 11A 3D, lets say you position a Hank Pym next to him and also get a couple of empowers from Ant Swarms with AOU201E Hank Pym on the map that turns that 11/3 flurry into a ridiculous 12/5 flurry. Don't forget as well that colossals are capable of making ranged attacks even while adjacent so Weasel is still quite useful on those 0 range figures and if the worst comes to the worst then both Maximus and Demonicus have Mind Control, just make sure they never have to actually fight fair.
I hope you enjoyed that build and honestly it will be a ton of fun to play and even if at first all the different characters and options are confusing your opponents will be just as confused as you are. If you have any suggestions about future keywords or if you wanted to add anything please feel free to comment in the section below.  

As well as playing and reading about Heroclix, Chris also listens to Heroclix podcasts and enjoys nothing better than to curl up in front of the fire and dream about Heroclix. In this spare time he runs Blue Rat Games which is the number one specialist retailer of Heroclix in the UK, but you knew that already.

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Brett Howard

posted on Friday, 22 January 2016 22:45:59 Europe/London
There one problem here ATA rules now say whole team must take the ata.

Andrew Wood

posted on Friday, 18 December 2015 13:29:20 Europe/London
Scientist is one of my favourite keywords, so many great options - really like Dr Demonicus at the moment!

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