Generic Builds - Warrior

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Generic Builds – Warrior
In this article series I will be taking a look at a particular generic keyword and looking at the outstanding characters with the keyword and trying to build a team, or teams, around them. Primarily I want to focus on common, uncommon and rare characters (although if I need to I will look at higher rarities) and building teams that are interesting rather than competitive.
For the first article in this series I am going to be taking a look at a comparatively rare generic keyword WARRIOR. For this team I am going to be looking at a 400pt build which gives me a few more options for higher point characters.
So this is me trawling through HCRealms Unit section starting to pick out some of the better options available to us:
NFAOS 032 Jet Black
AOU 033 Hercules
GoTG 001 Gamora
GotG 009a Spaceknight
GotG 009b Ikon
GotG 011b Jason of Sparta
WatXM Shatterstar
SMWW 002 Wonder Woman
SMWW 018 Wonder Woman
SMWW 033 Wonder Woman
SMWW 025 Artemis
JLTW Hawkman
FL Etrigan the Demon
WOL The Weaponer of Qward
What immediately jumps out is that there are a lot of hard hitting characters but not a lot of support pieces so Probability control, Outwit, Support and Perplex are thin on the ground. Warriors seem to be mostly about charging in and punching opposing characters in the face hard and repeatedly. Now this normally isn't my preferred style of play but in this instance I think we should embrace it's strengths rather than try too hard to tame it. Before I make any decisions though I will extend out my search parameters to higher rarities to see if anything jumps out at me.
WoL104 Guy Gardner
WKD15-003 Koriand'r
WatXM 023b Cerise
IIM 053 Iron Paladin
DP 057 Tiamat
GoTG 050 Proxima Midnight
GoTG 052 Rocket Raccoon
AVAS 051 Red Wolf
Now I could just abandon my idea about keeping the team to lower rarities and build around these guys but trying to stay true to my initial idea I am going to take a relatively easy to obtain figure from this list and build around him.
WoL104 Guy Gardner was a participation price in the War of Light Organised Play set so should be readily available for a lot of players. Yes he is a close combat piece but he has a few tricks up his sleeve and that construct trait of his allows us a lot of options should we need them. He has access to precision strike and battle fury which pretty much eliminates your opponent avoiding his attacks and with the boxing glove or scissors construct can dish out the hurt. Even more impressive is the fact that he can carry up to 8 characters regardless of their combat symbols during your first turn which is likely to be a great help with so many other Warriors being close combat pieces. You can play him at 120pts or 90pts but I think he is better at 120pts as those top 2 clicks are definitely worth the extra 30pts. Although I would suggest always adding on another 10pts for a construct to his point value.
So we have a heavy hitter and our team bus what else should we include? Well in every team I build I think the most important power to have is probability control, unfortunately there is not a huge choice of characters with prob but one of the more interesting ones is FL045 Etrigan the Demon. He weighs in at a hefty 135pts but has the potential to keep swapping between his Jason and Etrigan dial to heal himself indefinitely. However whenever I have seen him hit the table he seems to always get that invincible outwitted and taken out quickly to stop that happening, so to try and avoid that we need to think about how to deal with outwit. One of the best ways to deal with outwit, is to have some outwit yourself and I have just the fellow GoTG035 Killraven. His special power allows him to target all opposing characters within 3 squares with his outwit using Improved Targeting: Ignore characters. Now that is potentially a lot of outwit and he backs it up by being a decent close combat attacker for his 76 pts.
With those 3 characters we are currently at 341 pts (including a 10pt construct) and that leaves us with only a few points left to spend. However a quick search shows up a gem in GotG 001 Gamora who weighs in at a positively svelte 55pts yet has the potential to dish out a lot more damage than her value would suggest. That leaves us on 396 and after a quick look through the available ATAs I think the best options are either Guardians of the Galaxy (silver age) on Gamora and Killraven to allow them to wild card Etrigan's Mystics or Justice League (silver age) on Guy to give him a situational +1 attack. Stat bumps are always nice but I think I would go for the wild cards as more fitting with the team, although it may just give my opponent even more reason to go after Etrigan first.
The final team is
WoL104 Guy Gardner 120pts
+Wall Construct 10pts
GotG035 Killraven 76 pts
FL045 Etrigan the Demon 135pts
GotG001 Gamora 55 pts
ATA Guardians of the Galaxy (silver age) x2 2pts
Total 398 pts
Strategy: First turn give Etrigan a power action to get him on his blue click numbers, Guy carries everyone up as far as you can and drops his free action barrier while Killraven and Gamora wild card mystics. Hopefully your opponent will not be able to shoot down your barrier and get an attack off and if they can then try and position so that Etrigan is the one getting hit. In an ideal world you'll have time to clear and on turn 3 what you'll probably end up doing is Etrigan carry over either Gamora or Killraven and position for a prob for Guy. Guy does a full move, again carrying one of the others, which turns into a free action. Killraven should outwit as much as possible, hopefully taking out your opponent's outwit so Guy and Etrigan keep their invincible and Gamora should be tying up someone. Guy then swaps his wall construct for a boxing glove or scissors and makes an attack. If however you are within charge range on turn 2 then Etrigan, Killraven and Gamora could all charge instead but often that is not going to be the case. You then proceed to keep punching people until either you fall down or your opponent does. Try and keep Etrigan away from your opponent's heavy hitters and swapping dials as often as possible to keep him alive, if he goes down early not only are you losing your probability control you are losing your source of mystics for Gamora and Killraven. You also have a few options with swapping constructs on Guy so for example if gets towards the end of his dial putting the Nurse on him for regen.
Well I hope you found that build interesting and if you have any suggestions about future keywords or if you wanted to add anything please feel free to comment in the section below.  

As well as playing and reading about Heroclix, Chris also listens to Heroclix podcasts and enjoys nothing better than to curl up in front of the fire and dream about Heroclix. In this spare time he runs Blue Rat Games which is the number one specialist retailer of Heroclix in the UK, but you knew that already.

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