The Meta Game - Nightlantern

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The Meta Game - Nightlantern 

Welcome back, readers! Nightlantern prime was an interesting figure from World's Finest, and I'm sure there are a lot of unseen combos that could potentially make a nasty team, here is one of them!

NightLantern 150
Nick Fury 120
Savitar (Amalgram) 25
Batman ID Card 5

Batman (JLTW051) 150


Starting Point
Obviously all the lantern batteries are going to rotate, along with the Phoenix Force and Power Plant, so that only leaves a small option. We have things like Supreme Intelligence, which I think is a little too late game to work, Pandora's Box/Rock of Eternity and the various ID card resources.
I'll say now, I think we're probably going to see more Quinjet, Transporter and Round Table as ID cards are unbelievably strong for 5 points, and the Shield L7 is just broken thanks to Nick Fury. They offer a lot of versatility but the resources themselves aren't as reliable.
That's enough on resources though, as the team doesn't actually feature one! The only thing, and possibly the only thing, Nick Fury is missing is some kind of move and attack, and Hypersonic is one of the best – combining them seemed like a no brainer.
Nick's +1 to Attack and Damage, plus penetrating damage, can both apply whilst using Hypersonic, and it's a great way to move a lot and hit who I need to, which will be their highest point character.
It's fairly simple with this team, Nick Fury and Nightlantern are able to continual to beat on your opponent and get out safely, for fairly big damage.
Nightlantern is able to carry Nick into battle and they both have good defense too. You can use Nightlantern's telekinesis to position, but ideally you aren't ever doing that. Nightlantern also has leadership to remove tokens for Nick.
I can't imagine many situations, but if you find something Nick is unable to deal with you can call in Batman, which isn't a bad idea anyway. He's a swiss army knife of abilities and tricks so really swings things in your favour for a turn.
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
It's similar to what I said about Mr Mxyzptlk, if you play the current flavour of the month you're already at a disadvantage in a sense. People will know exactly what he does and the best way for their team to play against it.
On the plus side, there is a reason everyone is play testing against them, they're one of the better figures in the game. Fixing Nick Fury's problem is a huge deal, since they rotated the War of Light entities; possible to avoid this monstrosity!
Hypersonic can be a tough power to deal with, and if you don't have an answer you can outright lose to this team. Now, on the flip side, if they can deal with it since they're both moving the same you could be in for a rough time.

Final Word
I would love to hear your thoughts on what other Amalgram teams you've come up with as the possibilities are endless; so if you've come up with something particularly nasty let me know in the comments!



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