The Meta Game - Shriek

Tuesday, 15 March 2016 08:00:00 Europe/London

The Meta Game - Shriek

Welcome back, readers! The team this week is something I've not seen played or spoken about before, but believe has some viability, but let me know what you think. (This doesn't mean it hasn't been played!)
Shriek 119
Captain America (A:AoU 102) 100
Parallax 25
Henry 15
Blind Al 13
Green Lantern Battery 2
Green Lantern Ring 8
Green Sniper Rifle 6
Green Scissors 8
Starting Point
Shriek has quite a unique ability, which in such a range dominated game could prove to be extremely potent. In case you're unsure, anyone within her range is given Battle Fury, unfortunately our characters too.
Once I had this, I needed to come up with a way of getting around this for my characters. Immediately Fantomex sprung to mind, he attacks from EVA so wouldn't be effected by Shriek, and honestly there didn't seem many other options.
Then I came across Captain America from the Avengers: Age of Ultron starter set. Now starter sets and gravity feeds tend to pass me by, apart from the really stand out characters, and intiatlly Captain America was, but not for this reason.
Basically he can make close combat attacks from 6 squares away, so this navigates Shriek's ability nicely. He also has good defense, reasonable damage and fantastic attack value. Finally, he had the Avengers Initiative TA to ignore hindering for LoF and movement.
Blind Al's job in this team should be clear, but we're using her to push Shriek straight onto the second click for the power the team is based around. Now, it's possible for it to be outwit, so we've attached Parallax onto Shriek to give her Quintessence.
So, Captain America will have scissors from the battery, empower from Shriek and Henry which means he's swinging through defense, except Invincible, but also for an impressive 5 damage. Shriek, because she has the Maximum Carnage keyword, can continue to attack at range, and with the Sniper Rifle has plenty of range. This also makes her ability more effective, as it's done by her range.
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
It's rare you will find a team based around close combat, with maybe the exception of hypersonic bricks, so this team has a lot of good match-ups. Pulse Wave cannot get around it, which is such a pain in so many strategies.
Anytime your opponent has to lean over and take a good read over your cards, followed by questions, before the game starts is a good sign – these are figures people aren't going to use or probably playtest against, which is always an advantage!
Hypersonic characters will tear you apart, characters with longer range (Spectre, Sniper Rifle plus perplex etc) will also cause you hassle, there are definitely bad match-ups, and because of KC Shazam currently showing up he could be a worry.
Final Word
I think this team has far more stronger match-ups than it does poor, and offers a lot of control over the battlefield. It depends what you expect on seeing, but I hope you've enjoyed this article and come back next time!


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