The Meta Game - Superman Blue

Wednesday, 20 January 2016 08:00:00 Europe/London

The Meta Game - Superman Blue

Welcome back, readers! Last month I was asked to use Superman Red, so this team has tried to stay close to that idea using Superman Blue, whilst still making a somewhat competitive team.


Superman Blue 50
Ion 25
Fitz (with Henry) 50
Captain Marvel 82
Mr. Mxyzptlk 70
Green Lantern Battery 2
Green Lantern Ring 8
Green Spotlight 6
Green Sniper Rifle 6
Total 299


Starting Point
Not my usual starting point, but as it was a suggestion on last months article I began looking at the different Supermen in the latest set, to take advantage of their trait, which allowed you to switch between them at the start of the game.
I think there is probably something to be done with the Red Son Superman chase, and will continue to look at that, but this team I focused on Superman Blue. His trait means he, and adjacent characters, cannot be effected by Pulse Wave, so I tried focusing on other characters with a similar effect for adjacent friendlies.
Ion is attached to Superman Blue so he can use the special ability 'Force of Will' to further aid adjacent characters defense. He also gets Invincible to make it harder for him to be KO'd. He also gains +1 to everything but damage because of the Green Lantern Battery making him a corps member.
Captain Marvel sprung to mind, with defend and +1 if they don't share the Kree keyword meant I could have a team with 19 defense, before factoring in any Energy Shield, and not be Pulse Waved so it isn't possible to ignore it. It also helped that he's a fantastic secondary attacker, offering a chance to stop your opponent from firing back.
Fitz was a suggest I thought worked well because of the addition of Henry, who gives the team enhancement which I think helps a lot, as the highest damage is 3. He also brings Telekinses and Perplex to the table, which is a big help.
Finally, I thought what would make it even harder, or even impossible at times, to hit my team? Mr. Mxyzptlk lets me change my opponents rolls to lower numbers, or guarantee my super senses etc succeed. Once he hits his second click he is also borderline broken – potententially being able to stop your opponent from doing anything for 3 turns with his Pulse Wave special.
Ideally you want to have Mr. Mxyzptlk get onto his second click as soon as possible, which does mean allowing him to take pushing damage. Alternatively, you can play defensively, as your team is designed to be difficult to hit, you can use him to Power Action and get a dice back onto his card whenever you need to – regardless, whether you're attacking with him or making sure the dice roll in your favour, his effect on the game cannot be understated.
The premise of this team is to keep everybody adjacent and pick off your opponent before they can take you down, which should be in your favour, as they're swinging on your 19-21 defense.
Positioning is so important in this team, you need to be able to attack, but also stay close to get the full benefit of what it's designed to do. You have a lot of options for attacking, but I think Captain Marvel is definitely the most potent.
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Plenty of good points to speak about, you only need look at Mr. Mxyzptlk who could potentially shut out the enemy, but if that fails Captain Marvel can do something very similar preventing them from making ranged attacks.
Pulse Wave can't get rid of your bonus, meaning your opponent will have to suck it up and rely on high dice rolls, however somebody like Nighthawk can shut this team down completely.
Using a team with figures that are in the spotlight puts a target on your back before you sit down at the table. Simply by using Mr. Mxyzptlk you can bet people have play-tested against it or prepared their team for him, an advantage your opponent may not normally have.
Final Word
We're going to see a lot of Mr. Mxyzptlk I think, so play-test against him, try him yourself and be prepared for his effect on the game – thanks for reading guys!


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