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Sunday, 27 April 2014 10:34:00 Europe/London

Hi, my name is Vicente de los Santos and welcome to my latest article on the Heroclix rules. These articles are designed to help you better understand some of the new and complicated mechanics of the game and improve your game. I would also like to encourage a discussion of these mechanics and rules, so please feel free to ask any question you have in the comment section below.

With AvX event just ended, the Phoenix Force Resource begins its journey through the competitive teams. Is this resource better than Book of Skull? More powerful than the incoming and colorful Batteries of Power?. The way we build our team is essential to choose one resource or another... but we are not going to talk about team building... we are going to review the Phoenix Force.

Chosen by the Phoenix
For the example, we build a 300 points team: Cable (124), Hope (75) and Magik (75). We still have 26 points until 300, so we add the Phoenix Force. It cost 12 points, plus 3 for each fragment and another 3 for each character assigned to the resource.

We pay for the Resource and three fragments (21 points) and we chose Hope as character assigned to the Phoenix Force (another 3 points).

TIP: Only characters with a point value of 40 or higher can be assigned to this resource

So, Let's Begin
At the start of the game, when placing our team in our starting area, we can choose the fragment between the assigned to the resources. If we are in a tournament, we can choose one or another Phoenix Force Fragment depending the force we are going to fight, the chosen fragment will be important.

For our example, we leave Emma Frost and Cyclops fragments attached to the resource and we choose for Hope the fragment of Colossus. In this game, Hope can use Invulnerability, Flight ability and Poison. We put the fragment on her card, and its treated as a relic (no cost). The fragments left on the resource will be add-ons to Hope, choosing one of them at the beginning of our turn.

For our game, Hope can use Invulnerability, the powers listed in the dial and the power of one of the fragments attached to the resource. We want to place Cable to a better position? choose Telekinesis (from Emma Frost Fragment) at the beginning of the turn and help Cable. Need to make a power attack? choose Ranged Combat Expert (from Cyclops Fragment) and shoot!

The Dial
The Phoenix Force begins the game on the first click (the red number) of the group (blue number) equal to the fragments remaining attached to the resource. The resource has five independent groups, so if we play the Phoenix with all the fragments assigned to (different) characters, we will start in the click #1 of the group #0. If we have an one-man army with one fragment on it and the rest of them assigned to the Phoenix Force, we will start in the click #1 of the group #4

Check the picture, Hope has a fragment and the other two are in the resource. We start in the click #1 of the group #2. If we check the dial, we see some standard powers and modifiers that Hope can use. Charge, Claws, Empower and defense value modified by 1.

Turning the dial - Power slaves

The dial of the Phoenix Force can be moved for two reasons. If we KO an opposing character or hits with an attack roll that is doubles, after action resolve, we click the dial once. (If we KO with an attack roll that is doubles, we will click twice). Phoenix Force may never be clicked beyond any group's click #5. So if we kill six characters in an epic match, we cannot pass from one group to another.

The only way to change from a group to another is when a character with a Phoenix Force Fragment is defeated. The fragment returns to the resource and we click the dial 5 times to the left (moving to the next group and staying in the same click number)

Hope attacks Iron Man and the attack roll is doubles, so when the action is over, we click the dial once (Still with the example, we will go to click #2 of the group #2). If Iron Man is defeated in that attack, we click twice (one for the doubles, another for the KO). Remember, we cannot click beyond the fifth click of any group.

Final Words
Resources are now an important basis in the way we play Heroclix. Phoenix is not the last one, nor the better or the worse of them. It has with nice options to be played, choosing what characters are assigned, what fragments will they use and so on... turning the dial is not as easy as Gauntlet, Belt or the Book, but the Phoenix is a mix of them offering a dial with powers, abilities and modifiers to those who has been touched by the Phoenix...
So... what do you think? is a casual resource? competitive? pretty to stay in our shelves? let's talk... or play!

Vicente started playing Heroclix in 2008, and his first figure was Magneto, House of M. Nowadays is a Heroclix Judge in Sevilla, Spain, and runs the website which includes many Heroclix articles in his native Spanish.


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Ian King

posted on Monday, 19 May 2014 20:19:16 Europe/London
Really clear and with great pics as always Vincente. Thanks

John Barber

posted on Wednesday, 7 May 2014 14:22:08 Europe/London
Phoenix Force has its place as a group enabler where you want to use a vehicle or teambase or need it more quickly than the hammers, improved mobility through granted move and attack and flight, and group distributed Invulnerabilty makes it a blend of offence and defence. Overall I'd say the Book of the Skull with Splitlip and the Power Plant are better but not by enough that their auto picks over the force depending on what you do. It also allows you to dodge M10 Iron man by having someone dedicated to hunting him down.

Vicente De los Santos

posted on Sunday, 4 May 2014 19:52:54 Europe/London
Thanks Nik :D

And yes, Team bases were covered with Teen Titans. Maybe a new review with the changes, way to play them and others tips would be interesting.

Blue Rat Games

posted on Tuesday, 29 April 2014 13:06:50 Europe/London
Vincente covered team bases around the time they came out with the Teen Titans set. You can view this by using the Heroclix Articles Categories on the left hand side of page, click on the one marked 'Rules and Regs' and it should show you all articles in this series. Here is the direct link if you need it though

Nik Rushmer

posted on Tuesday, 29 April 2014 06:44:17 Europe/London
Great explanation I love these articles, you do a great job Vicente.
Have you done one about Team bases? If so I would love to see it, if not could you please do one? I have about 6 Tesm bases and because of the rule changes I don't know how to play them?

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