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Thursday, 23 May 2013 12:34:00 Europe/London

 Hi my name is Vicente de los Santos and welcome to my latest article on the Heroclix rules. These articles are designed to help you better understand some of the new and complicated mechanics of the game and improve your game. I would also like to encourage a discussion of these mechanics and rules, so please feel free to ask any question you have in the comment section below.

In the ever growing world of Heroclix, Resources appear as a new boost for our teams. Based on powerful and well known items of the comic universes, the first released was the Infinity Gauntlet, the second has been the always useful Utility Belt and the most recent, unreleased just at the time I wrote this, is the Book of Skulls. We could talk about the Bat-Cave (No Man's Land Final prize) as a hybrid between Resource and character, but for now, we are going to focus on the Gauntlet and the Belt resources.

 The basics

A Resource is part of the game, but it stays outside the map. We need to assign the resource to a character, gaining some powers and abilities. When the character is KO'd, the Resource is removed from the map too. As part of a team, Resources have point values, so the opponent will score the point value when the character with the resource is KO'd.

 We can assign a Resource to any character (Except Team bases). It´s a bit strange, but we can see Galactus with the Utility Belt, or a Gotham Police Car with the Infinity Gauntlet. Mainly, we will always try to allocate the resource to our strongest character.

 Resources have there own rules about turning the dial. Gauntlet and Belt turn the dial (1d6) at the end of the turn, if the character did any non-free action. Resources begin on the green line, but do not have a KO click, so we can pass the starting line during the game. Also, resources consist of objects that are attached to them in order to be played. The Gauntlet has the Infinity Gems, the belt has the items and costumes and the upcoming Book of Skulls have hammers (from the Fear Itself series). These are the common mechanics, but some Resources can have special rules, listed in its resource card.

 Infinity Gauntlet – The Power

The first Resource, featured in the Infinity Gauntlet special event. It has to be played with at least one Infinity Gem attached to it, but with all the gems it is a powerful resource. The Full Gauntlet cost 40 points. Sometimes we need to choose between it and other characters while building our team, but it's worth the points.

Infinity Gauntlet

Check out this team. Spider-Man 2099 (160 points) with the Infinity Gauntlet (full, 40 points) and Egghead and Scarlet Witch as support characters (50 points each). This team is built focusing on the main character (Spider-Man) and the Gauntlet.

The Gauntlet has 6 slots for the infinity gems. We can play with all the gems, but we cannot add more than one of each type. Once in the game, its dial have three gems displayed, plus an additional standard power. Each gem brings us some powers that we can use (These powers cannot be countered, because the character doesn´t possess them). While playing the Gauntlet with all the gems, the character can use Indomitable and its powers cannot be countered (similar to the Power Cosmic Team's ability).

The Gauntlet has special powers, listed as numbers and are placed in the mid and the final path of the dial. With these powers, we can choose a gem not shown on the dial to use it, modifies the combat values of the character in +1 or +2 and we can choose a standard power (any one) and use it. (You can check all these powers on the Gauntlet Card).

Infinity Gems
If you can´t play the Gauntlet with all the gems attached, you have to choose carefully what gem will be attached. Our choose will vary depending on our force. Telekinesis and Mind Control are not very useful powers if we are going to play Worldbreaker with the Gauntlet, so the Mind Gem is discarded with the green giant. Maybe the Orange and the Green, or even the Reality to gain a Probability Control.

Utility Belt – The Tactic
Batman´s utility belt belongs to the event No Man´s Land. This resource shares some mechanics with the Gauntlet, but it's more dynamic and tactical. It has 6 slots for items (We can add up to three items of the same type) and 1 slot for a costume. The Belt, with all the slots activated, cost 14 points.

We can use any item attached to the belt. We have to check the orange side of the item card (as part of the Resource), the other side is only available if we play the item as a relic. Once we use an item, it´s removed from the belt. In addition, the dial reveals special ways to play the items. Parachute let us to use an item without removing it, with the crate box we can attach items again and with the x2 we can use two items at the same time.

Utility Belt 

The special powers of this resource bring us the possibility of change the items between slots, recharge inactive or put any of them as relics on the map. Sometimes a standard power and a combat value modifier (+1 or +2) may be revealed. When a special power is revealed, the dial is stopped.

Choose Your Items

Maybe you don´t have enough points to play the Utility Belt with all it's items attached. You have to check your team, your tactics and the weaknesses that it possesses and try to reinforce with the items.

 Not all the items will suit your force. We have to choose what items are good for our team, or simply add items to get the benefits of the belt. Suit of Sorrow for a ranged character is a bad idea, and the Flock of Bats radar is not very useful unless you (or your opponent) are playing with them. The slot where we will assign the items are important too, we can do some tricks with the x2 Slot to get benefits to use them together.

 During the building of our team, we pay the cost of the Utility Belt and the slots we want to activate (Costume and Items). In a tournament, we have always the same number of slots activated, but we add the items after the teams are revealed. Once we know the opposing team, we can choose what items we will attach to the belt.

Utility Belt 2

In the example, the Belt has been assigned to Scarlet Spider. The dial reveals that we can use items in the slots 6, 2 and 3. Grapnel Gun item is in the slot 6, so we can use it to reach our enemy and attack it. In this picture, Scarlet has Leap/Climb, so the Utility helps us to make the attack.


The Belt vs. The Gauntlet
The Gauntlet has a higher point value, but has lots of powers for our character. It always reveals three gems, plus a standard power. Green, Yellow or Orange Gems bring us valuable support; Super Senses, Probability Control (on our turn) or Steal Energy. The fact is that normally we don´t have to do an action to get a benefit of the resource, and then we can use the powers of the character. With some luck at the die rolls, we can reach combat value modifiers and the choose of any standard power to use it in that turn.

 The Belt is cheap, 14 points with all the items attached. It doesn´t have as many powers as Gauntlet but its tricks are very interesting and the combat values are modified often. With at least 3 items attached, we can use Indomitable, if we have at least 5 items, we can give a free action to the assigned character and select an opposing character (within 10 squares and line of fire). That character can´t use team abilities until the beginning of our next turn, so Mystics Team Ability is not a problem with the Belt. The costume does not count toward these benefits.

 In contrast to the Gauntlet, Utility Belt's items need actions to be used, so it´s not as free as the Gauntlet. We can choose between character abilities or powers, or use the items of the belt. However, if our character is capable of winning without grapnel guns, smoke bombs or other gadgets, we can use the belt as a 14 point resource that give us Indomitable, avoid opposing team abilities and modify our combat values by +1 or +2. Remember that items are removed when used, if we play the belt with less items, some benefts may not be available for us.

Belt v Gauntlet

We can use the items attached to the active slots of the Belt. Dial reveal that we can use the item in the slot 5 (without removing it), we have our combat values modified +2 and we can use Exploit Weakness. Gauntlet shows Soul (Steal Energy), Power (Close or Ranged Combat Expert) and Mind Gem (Telekinesis and Mind Control), and Super Senses as the standard power.

 With the Belt, we have an interesting power up for our combat values and Exploit Weakness. The item will vary, depending on our choose. The Gauntlet offers five standard powers. A good thing and maybe an interesting investment of 40 points for our team.

 Final words

So, Belt is for fast play. We don´t need to charge it to get the combat value modifiers or the great powers. In the other side, The Gauntlet brings us a great range of powers, but it's slow to play.. Who is more powerful? What is the best resource? They are different, maybe it's a tie, focusing that both are created for different game style. What do you think?

 And feel free to ask any question of how to use these resources, combos, tricks and whatever.

Vicente started playing Heroclix in 2008, and his first figure was Magneto, House of M. Nowadays is a Heroclix Judge in Sevilla, Spain, and runs the website A Seises which includes many Heroclix articles in his native Spanish.

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Vicente De los Santos

posted on Sunday, 16 June 2013 22:12:26 Europe/London
Normally we elect our main figure for it will get better benefits. But as you well say, depends on the team you're playing. I have come to put the Infinity Gauntlet to Astral Dr. Strange to have a character that moves free and TK make an enraged Black Bolt he he he.

Utility Belt is more tactical and requires no major combat values​​, so secondary characters (Alfred for example) may be good candidates to wear the belt on his waist.

elliott weights

posted on Monday, 3 June 2013 12:41:18 Europe/London
I disagree where you say 'we will usually try to put the resource on the strongest chracter'.

Resources also make your less stronger chracters better.

Vicente De los Santos

posted on Sunday, 26 May 2013 19:41:17 Europe/London
Hello Ian!
You are right (Cesar too). Belt it´s better than Gauntlet because it´s cheap. And you doesn´t need to use the items. Belt plus 5 items and you get Indomitable and the possibility of turn off the Team abilities of the enemy characters. As Fry (from futurama) would say: "Shut up and take my money"

Vicente De los Santos

posted on Sunday, 26 May 2013 19:37:56 Europe/London
Hi Cesar
That team has a simple tactic. We charge the Gauntlet with Spider-Man 2099. In our turn, we copy the Master of Evil TA of Egghead. Pushing damage does not matter because of Soul Gem of the special power of the 2099 character. At the end of the turn you copy the Mystic TA of the Witch and let´s go. If you does not need the Perplex or the Barrier of the Witch, you can use Enchantress instead.

Ian King

posted on Saturday, 25 May 2013 16:18:07 Europe/London
Thanks for the article. You are much clearer than the rules on the card that came with it!

I don't own the Gauntlet but personally I prefer the Batbelt. The willpower it gives to a figure is amazing and can increase the value of a heavy hitter by a lot. I especially rate it on hypersonic characters who rarely get willpower/Indomitable but become so much better being able to act 2 turns in a row without pushing.

For 40 points the Gauntlet is great for the 'one man army' style of team but I'd usually rather take another figure with a useful support power.

César Moruno Gómez

posted on Thursday, 23 May 2013 15:24:49 Europe/London
Awesome article! Congrats! To explain the IG you put a team to explain it, spidey 2099, scarlet witch an egghead, could you write about the dynamic and strategy of this great team?
In your opinion what is the best resource actually?
In my point of view, after have played the UB, i think is better than the other one, mainly for point cost and costume like cowl costume.
Bye and thanks again!

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