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Tuesday, 26 November 2013 08:00:00 Europe/London

Greetings folks, it's time for another round of Team Talk the series where we look at team building around a keyword within Heroclix. We recently saw the release of the Thor: The Dark World gravity feed set and along with the Fear Itself set which you should now have a good selection of we are now inundated with options for using the Asgardian keyword in a theme team. So let's start as always by looking at a 300pt Modern Age team.

300pt Modern - Asgardian

Building around the Asgardian keyword, particularly in lower point value games, is a tough thing to do with most of the characters being of the 150+ point value. Unless you want to go the route of running a tentpole team that means ignoring those big, flashy Thor pieces and looking in the 100-140pt range for the first figure in your team.

With so many pieces relying on some form of move and attack power it's hard to look past Heimdall (AVM 210) from the Avengers Movie Mass Market set. Heimdall has a trait which causes all firgures that attack him to have -3 to their attack value if they aren't in the square they started their turn in. This greatly lowers the threat from any pieces with Charge, Running Shot, Hypersonic Speed, Telekinesis or any special powers that grant a move and attack like ability. That trait even helps to defend against Shatterstar, Bat-Mite, Heroes For Hire ATA and team bases who may go for an early alpha strike.

Super Senses on his first four clicks add an extra line of defence ahead of his damage reducers with Invulnerability on the first two clicks followed by four clicks of Toughness and a final click of 18 Impervious. Blades/Claws/Fangs on the first four clicks of the dial offers a gambling choice to you, a printed 3 damage on the first two clicks makes taking that dice roll a tough choice unless you have some Probability Control to back it up.

Did somebody say Probability Control? In steps Loki (AVM 029) at 80pts who functions as a solid support piece who can also act as a secondary attacker or a mop up piece to apply the finishing blow to a piece that Heimdall has cut down to size. He has a relatively vanilla dial with two clicks each of the big three support powers; Prob, Perplex and Outwit all appearing in that order.

A click of poison appears either side of his special attack power which allows Loki to place an opposing character next to him and immediately make a close combat attack. There's multiple ways to use that power, maybe you'll use it to apply the final blow to your opponents last character or perhaps you use it to get Heimdall out of a stick situation by removing the threat to him? Loki isn't the single greatest way to spend 80pts in the game but he is capable of holding his own.

The final character on the team is Fandral (TDW 011) who comes in at 75pts for a strong close combat dial. The most important thing to bear in mind is this guy has no damage reducers and no evasion ability so it is absolutely vital that you protect him on his way up the map until he can base an opponent at which point his Combat Reflexes kick in and with his own Perplex he'll be sitting comfortable on a 20 defence. He has a special power which allows him to use Blades/Claws/Fangs and if the target takes 2 or less damage (bear in mind that is after reducers) another friendly character can make a free close combat attack against the same target.

That potentially means he gets a hit followed by a double blow from Heimdall to deal some serious hurt to any piece opposing them. Flurry/Willpower/Exploit Weakness later on are nice but by that point he really should have earned his points back in damage to the other team. To round the team out I'd also consider adding the M'Kraan Crystal Sliver and having Fandral pick it up so if he does get taken down he comes back with 9/10/16/2 Flurry/Willpower/Exploit Weakness to inflict some more hurting.

300pt Modern
Heimdall (AVM 210) 135pts
Loki (AVM 029) 80pts
Fandral (TDW 011) 75pts
M'Kraan Crystal Sliver (WXM S101) 8pts

This team will certainly take some thought to get the best out of it. You can't just send Fandral charging up the map without first picking out some safe cover for him to stop behind without getting sniped at distance. Heimdall is going to be avoided by Running Shot pieces which paints an even bigger target on Fandral so make sure Loki is available to Prob any attacks that might find him on the way.

Now for the best thing when building Asgardian teams, HIGH POINT VALUE GAMES!

600pt Modern
Odin (AVM 042) 250pts
+ Asgardian ATA 5pts
Tanarus (FI 013) 120pts
+ Asgardian ATA 5pts
Thor (M10 005r) 100pts
+ Asgardian ATA 5pts
The Serpent (FI 027) 100pts
+ Asgardian ATA 5pts
Total 590pts

1000pt Silver Age
Destroyer (AVM 022) 250pts
Thor, The Reigning (HA 105) 168pts
Hela (FI 102) 160pts
The Captain (CA 062) 170pts
Valkyrie (HA 055) 145pts
4x Asgardian Troll (FI 002) 25pts
Total 993pts

That brings us to the end of another edition of team talk. Comment below and share some of your own Asgardian team builds or just tear mine to shreads, whatever floats your proverbial boat. I'll be back next time to take a look at our first generic keyword Scientist.


Sam lives on the sunny Isle Of Wight and has been playing Heroclix since early 2012. His favourite pull was a booster featuring all four of the Batman primes, and his most prized piece is an Arkham Asylum Clown Prince Of Crime. Sam also hosts The Anoraks Podcast (

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Samual Grieve

posted on Friday, 6 December 2013 16:15:32 Europe/London
Lack of Dark World was partly to do with point costs, partly to do with my lack of playtime with any of the dials (I currently own nothing from the set).

Ian King

posted on Wednesday, 27 November 2013 20:28:15 Europe/London
Nice breakdown. I like your 'cheap' team which as you say is hard to do with 'Asgardian'. Shame it doesn't manage a Thor, feels wrong somehow to leave him out. my trusty supernova 109 point rookie just doesn't cut it any more though.

The most interesting thing in the article for me is that you include only one figure from 'the dark world' set. Do you not rate the set or is it just a lack of cheaper figs that causes them to be left out?

Fandral certainly seems worth getting. The look on an opponent's face if you manage to get Loki (with his special power) to pull a figure into base with himself, Fandral and Heimdall for a multi-action beatdown (thanks to Fandral's special) would be priceless!!

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