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Thursday, 13 February 2014 08:00:00 Europe/London

It's time for another edition of Team Talk and this time round we're breaking with tradition and taking a look at our first ever generic keyword. Generic keywords are interesting to build around as they offer you a different range of characters to select from, usually with some wildly different options, although theming them does mean including more figures on your force.

Almost any generic keyword can be competitive but there are certain keywords that have always stood out, one in particular is the one we're looking at today 'Scientist'.

300pt Modern - Scientist

There's many choices to start with for the Scientist keyword but one of the most frustrating to come up against is Lizard (ASM 030). This guy has the type of staying power that will annoy any opponent and force your opponent into focussing fire on him if they want to take him down. He stars with a decent 9/10/17/3 with Charge, B/C/F, Toughness and Shapechange. His next four clicks have a special power on damage that allows him to make a free close combat attack with his attack value modified by -1, with the new Watch List rules this does also mean a -1 on damage for performing more than one attack per turn but a free attack is never something to turn your nose up at.
His final four clicks have a special on defence which Regeneration and Toughness; that Regeneration becomes a free action if Lizard took more than two damage since your last turn. This means that Lizard will continue to heal and cause problems for your opponent as he's quite likely to regen up and then immediately gain a free action attack from his damage power. At 88pts he's a fantastic secondary attacker and tie-up piece to annoy somebody.

The next piece on the team is Ant-Man (CW 173) who comes with the 2012 Con-Exclusive Giant-Man and is just so much fun. 20 defence with Steal and Incapacitate makes Ant-Man a good choice to tie somebody up, make sure they always have an action token and just generally annoy people.

The printed 1 damage value makes him a pretty weak attack option but as tie-up he's second to none. He also comes with the handy Morph ability which provides a lot of Pym themed options, all of whom retain theme for probability control.
Green Goblin

Next up is Green Goblin (M10 004) at 75pts. He starts 8/11/17/4 with Running Shot and Willpower with two targets. Start registering the hits quickly and get ready to promote if you want but I actually prefer this to his more expensive version.

Like all the other promotion figures in the 10th Anniversary sets he has no special powers but Outwit and Energy Explosion are always welcome and he's also a handy taxi for the rest of the team.
The final member of our team is Mysterio (ASM 206) who is here purely for Smoke Cloud support and his funky little perplex power which allows him to lower both the attack and defence values of a taret character.

This is useful when your attack misses, it makes it harder for the target to counter strike. He also has Super Senses which activate on a roll of 4-6 and if he makes the roll he can immediately be placed within 3 squares and line of fire.

300pt Modern
Lizard (ASM 030) 88pts
Ant-Man (CW 173) 75pts
Green Goblin (M10 004) 75pts
Mysterio (ASM 206) 62pts

One of the nice things about this team is the lack of obvious targets, there's no stand out target for your opponent to immediately focus on although the likely target of a smart player is probably going to be Lizard in an attempt to put him down quickly with some kind of alpha strike to prevent him from using Regen. Ant-Man is a great choice for slowing down your opponents ranged pieces and basing them whilst Mysterio lends his uber-perplex to make life easier for Lizard and Green Goblin as they dish out the damage.

Here's a couple suggestions of higher point teams also using the Scientist keyword.

600pt Silver Age (If you're feeling a little cheesy)
Thanos (GG 049) 350pts
Klaw (CA 210) 60pts
Klaw (CA 210) 60pts
Skadi's Warbot (FI B002) 30pts
A.I.M. Renegade (IH 017) 34pts
A.I.M. Renegade (IH 017) 34pts
Flatman (WXM 021) 28pts

600pt Modern Age
Kang (CW 050) 151pts + Full Infinity Gauntlet (40pts)
Deathlok (WXM 011B)
Beast (WXM 062) 97pts
Tony Stark (IM3 006) 50pts
Howard Stark (AVM 021) 33pts
Vulture (ASM 019) 61pts

Share some of your own scientist builds in the comments section below and I'll be back soon for another team building article.

Sam lives on the sunny Isle Of Wight and has been playing Heroclix since early 2012. His favourite pull was a booster featuring all four of the Batman primes, and his most prized piece is an Arkham Asylum Clown Prince Of Crime. Sam also hosts The Anoraks Podcast (

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