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Thursday, 2 May 2013 12:34:07 Europe/London

Hi my name is Vicente de los Santos and welcome to my latest article on the Heroclix rules. These articles are designed to help you better understand some of the new and complicated mechanics of the game and improve your game. I would also like to encourage a discussion of these mechanics and rules, so please feel free to ask any question you have in the comment section below.

Today we are going to review the last novelty in the Heroclix universe. Teams are featured in the incoming Teen Titan set, and allow us to enjoy with "comic accurate" teams and some interesting new features.

Hi Team..
Teams are a new kind of character with large bases. These have special rules about how interact in the game. The main feature are its Team Members, another figures that can be attached to Teams to gain improvements and new abilities.
Also, Teams have two dials. The combat dial and the asset dial. The second works like the Infinity Gauntlet, it grants powers or abilities depending of its Team Members.



New Combat Symbol: Circle of Fists

There is a new icon for these Team characters. This "circle of fists" represents the Team and its new abilities. This character only works with its Team Members. While we build our force, if we are going to use a Team, we have to check what characters (Team members) can be attached to it. They have an icon on its character card with the collector number of its Team Base, so it´s an easy way to find the correct character for the Team Base.

You must pay the cost of the team, plus 5 points for each Team Member that begins the game attached to the team. We need a minimum of 3 characters attached to the Team at any time.

Team Base 2

In the example, we are going to play with the Gen 13 Team. We pay its full cost, 275, plus 5 for each character attached. We need three, so we choose Rainmaker, Grunge and Fairchild. The total cost of the Team Base is 290.

Tip: Neither the Team or its Team members can´t be assigned to a resource, try to pick up a relic or become a pilot.

How it works? Team character works like a normal character, and are affected by normal rules as well. The new combat symbol gives us new combat abilities. We are going to explain each one with some pictures 

United we Stand! - Working together

Teams and its Team members count as a figure, but we can make multiple actions with the Team (representing that they are fighting together). If we give a power action to the Team, it may be given one action (as free action) for every 100 points or fraction of its point value. These actions can be used to do any action, but they are limited to one for each type of action (Power, Movement, Close Combat and Ranged Combat)

Tip: Remember that this limitation it´s about ACTIONS, not ATTACKS.

Team Bases 3

In the example, we are playing with Gen13 at 290 points. If we use Working Together, we can give three actions to the Team. So we can move first, make a ranged attack against a N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Soldier and finally  make a power action, using Charge, against the other soldier. (We use a Move action, a Ranged Combat Action and a Power Action)

Tip: Abilities granted by the Team combat symbol cannot be canceled and they still active even with Earthbound.

The Lone Wolf... - Solo Adventure

Similar to Split and Merge, we can detach Team Members from the Team base and use them as a separated figure. Solo adventure is the combat ability that allow to do it, using Switchclix. (You remove the figure from the Team base and insert in its own base, this is Switchclix)

So, the Team is given a Power action, and the chosen Team Member is removed from the base and is placed with its base in the map. The Team Member must be placed adjacent to the Team, in the click that share the same color as the starting line of the Team Base.

Team Bases 4

In this example we have the Gen 13 Team with four Team Members. We choose to use Solo Adventure, so the Team makes a Power Action and we place Fairchild  into her base, adjacent to the Team. Because we are playing the Gen 13 at 275 (plus the Team Member cost), Fairchild enters the game with the click that have the same color of the starting line of the Team. In this example it´s blue, and she enters the game in her first click.

Tip: Cannot remove a Team Member from the Team if the total point value of removed Team Members exceeds the point value of the Team.

But take a look on Fairchild dial. We can play her at 100 or 75 points. How many points will score the opponent, if she is KO'ed while she is outside the base? The rules say that if a character has multiple starting lines (other than the Alter Ego), its point value and the starting line are considered the first starter line preceding the click it is when is detached from the Team.

Team Bases 5


Another example. Fairchild has a blue starting line and a yellow one. In the example, she is placed on map on her click #1. If we had played the Gen 13 Team at 175 points, Fairchild starts in her click #3 (blue) with a 75 point value and the yellow starting line. If we had the Team at 75 points, Fairchild is placed in the map on her click #5, with a 75 point value and yellow starting line too.

 Tip: If Fairchild enters in her click #5, she can be healed until reach her starting line. The colored numbers are not starting line, so we can heal this figure beyond these numbers.

 Hey Pal! Come back! - A Team Reunited

 We can return a Team Member to the Team base with a Power Action (made by the Team). The Team Member had to be in the Team at the beginning of the game. For example, if we play Gen13 Team with its team members and a duplicate of Fairchild on her own, we cannot use that Fairchild in the game to be placed in the Team base.

 If we use this combat ability, the Team Member is removed from its Switchclix base and placed in its position on the Team base. That base is no longer needed, so is removed from the map until we want to switch again.

 Coordinated and Trained

 Team characters have more improvements and variations of the current rules. They are the first Heroclix figure that may stay in squares of different elevations, thanks to its movement improved (characters and elevated terrain

Team Bases 6

 For themed teams, each team member counts as a character. So in our example, we are playing a Themed team, and have a +3 to the initiative roll. Also, the Themed Team Probability Control can be changed if our Team is part of a Themed force. We can choose to use it as normal, or forfeit it and the Team can use Probability Control.

 The Asset Dial

 As we told,  Team has a second dial with asset icons matching to the team members, special powers or the Team combat symbol. This dial turns at the end of the turn. We may roll a d6 and turn it as many times as the result. This is optional, and only is required when this asset dial shows the Team combat symbol.

 In the Team character card we have the special powers or abilities granted by each Team Member, plus the special powers of the Team itself. When the Team combat symbol appears, we can choose any team member attached to the team and use the ability granted by him. If we have an asset icon of a Team member who is not attached to the base, we cannot use its granted powers or abilities.

Team Bases 7

 Asset dial is now on its click #16. Fairchild is on the base, so we can use its granted powers. (Super strength in this case). Also we have a special power listed in the dial, so we can use it too. (Double Perplex only for themselves). If Fairchild was removed from the base, we cannot use Super Strength, but we still can use the special one. And if we don´t want to roll the dice, we can stay in this click. (For example if we use the perplex twice to enhance our defense)

 Final words

 We are going to play these Teams very soon, with the arrival of Teen Titans. I think that this new figure is well balanced, no resources, relics or pilot. I´m sure that there will be bugs, combos or nasty tactics, but I think that Teams is not overpowered as Vehicles.

 What do you think?

Vicente started playing Heroclix in 2008, and his first figure was Magneto, House of M. Nowadays is a Heroclix Judge in Sevilla, Spain, and runs the website A Seises which includes many Heroclix articles in his native Spanish.

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Vicente De los Santos

posted on Friday, 3 May 2013 13:45:48 Europe/London
Hey John!
Team bases will be available in two sizes, 2x3 and 2x4. (Outlaws will be 2x3). I suppose that Superboosters will contain two team bases (like as Cop Car and Tank in Batman set) or something like that. The number of figures included in the Teams will vary, depending the size of the Team base.

Balanced or not balanced? We always have overpowered figures in each set. I think that the Bug from Batman or the Cop Car are more insane that Teams (In general, then we have things like JLA Team). The fact about resources and being pilot is enough for me, because if not, I was going to burn my collection... or return to Magic The Gathering ha ha

John Stokes

posted on Friday, 3 May 2013 10:55:01 Europe/London
Thanks for the article on team bases, not really sure if I actually like the idea of them, especially 2 team bases fighting each other just sounds a bit boring. I do however like that they said no resources and that team bases couldn't pilot vehicles but I am not sure whether they will be balanced, just take a look at some of the lengthy threads at HCrealms about the JL base. Do you know though if all team bases are going to be the same size? Playing something like an Outlaw teambase with 3 figures and the base is 4 x 2 seems a tad too large.

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