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Greetings folks and welcome to another edition of Team Talk, the column where we look at team building around a particular keyword in Heroclix. This week we're focussing on a Justice League International team built for 300pt Modern Age games, though as usual we'll also build some larger point teams for both Modern and Golden Age.

JLI is a keyword that got a lot of love in the Batman and Streets Of Gotham sets with 13 new pieces added to the Modern Age options alongside the highly desirable, and equally rare, convention exclusive Martian Manhunter that was available last summer at GenCon. There's also the much sought after Bug if you're the type of player that likes to include vehicles on their builds.

 300pt Modern - Justice League International

Booster Gold The first piece for this team is a little bit of a selfish choice for me, my absolute favourite DC hero Booster Gold (BM 052). Lucky for us he's actually a pretty damn good figure as well. Now I'll be the first to admit that spending 98pts on a character who only has two clicks with an attack value above 9 is ringing alarms bells but his special ability on damage THE ADVANTAGE OF TIME TRAVEL allows Booster to reroll his own attack rolls and continue to do so as the long as the roll is higher than the previous attempt, that makes it a lot more tempting to roll for those 8s and 9s that I'd normally think twice about. Running Shot and ESD top dial mean you'll want to keep him out of close combat whilst his ability to use Duo Attack means you can be dishing out 5 damage per turn whilst on top dial. He's also got top dial Leadership which will allow him to take tokens off of the rest of our team as the game goes on.

Next up is a piece that all my local players are sick of seeing turn up on my teams. Blue Beetle (DC10 016) benefits from the new PAC changes more than any other pieces in the Modern Age game. For 55pts you get a figure who is able to completely wreck your opponents positioning and dish out ridiculous amounts of damage. Top dial he has 10attack with 3 damage combined with Energy Explosion, Force Blast, 7range and 3bolts. Just think about that for a minute....... He can dish out 3 damage to each character in a group before then also knocking them all back and breaking their positioning up. I honestly can not stress to you just how good this piece is. He has both the Scientist and Martial Artist keywords that allow a huge amount of choices when building a team. There's not a better way to spend 55pts in Modern Age discounting Resources.

Blue Beetle
Wonder Woman

Up next is our primary attacker Wonder Woman (DC10 002). Starting top dial with Charge, Super Strength and Imprevious with 4 damage you want to get Wonder Woman in the fight and dealing damage early, this will allow her to start accruing Promotion Tokens that will hopefully see her quickly promote into the Wonder Woman chase (if you're lucky enough to have her). The version we start with, like most of the pre-promotion figures in the 10th Anniversary Sets, doesn't require an awful lot of strategy. She's a brawler and isn't a piece with complicated special powers or that requires a lot of though. Start bashing people early and look to promote her if at all possible. She can also be used as a taxi to get Blue Beetle into position for an early Energy Explosion alpha strike if your opponent is dumb enough to leave his pieces grouped together.

The final member of our team is Black Canary (SOG 003). She's a Batman TA piece with 17 Combat Reflexes top dial. Put her in Stealth and make people come base to base with her and watch them struggle to hit. She has a special power for her first three clicks which enables her to Incapacitate all opposing characters along with a +2 to her attack value to make sure she hits. She's also capable of cracking Invulnerability on every click of her dial, a really solid piece for 62pts.

Black Canary


300pt Modern
Booster Gold (BM 052) 98pts
Blue Beetle (DC10 016) 55pts
Wonder Woman (DC10 002) 84pts
Black Canary (SOG 003) 62pts
Total 299pts

I really like this team, almost every click of each piece has a way of dealing some serious damage to your opponents and the threat of Blue Beetle's energy explosion will force a player to split his force up or pay the price. 

600pt Golden Age
Batman (JL 001) 75pts
+ Justice League: Generation Lost ATA 3pts
Martian Manhunter (BB 036) 202pts
+ Justice League: Generation Lost ATA 3pts
Ice (DC75 007) 47pts
+ Justice League: Generation Lost ATA 3pts
Lobo (SM 042) 169pts
+ Justice League: Generation Lost ATA 3pts
John Jones (DC10 003) 90pts
+ Justice League: Generation Lost ATA 3pts
Total 598pts 

500pt Golden Age
The Bug (Piloted) (BM V007b) 139pts
Blue Beetle (SOG 006) 61pts
The Flash (IO 054) 99pts
Batman (BM 001) 200pts
Total 499pts 

Thanks for reading, be sure to comment below with any changes you'd make or your own JLI builds. I'll see you in a fortnight when we take a look at building around the S.H.I.E.L.D. keyword.

Sam lives on the sunny Isle Of Wight and has been playing Heroclix since early 2012. His favourite pull was a booster featuring all four of the Batman primes, and his most prized piece is an Arkham Asylum Clown Prince Of Crime. Sam also hosts The Anoraks Podcast (

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