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Hello Blue Rat readers and welcome to a new, and somewhat belated, entry of Team Talk the column where we take a look at team building within a certain keyword for this game we know and love (when the dice are in our favour).

Everybody and their mother is talking about Man Of Steel right now and whether the film is brilliant or shows a total disregard to the characters heroic nature by having him destroy entire parts of a city with little to no thought for the safety of its citizens. Thoughts on the film itself aside we do have a new Heroclix set based around the film and it's bought the Kryptonian keyword right back to the forefront of many peoples minds whilst building for games. So lets start off with a standard 300pt Modern Age team.

300pt Modern - Kryptonian

Superman (SM 001) at his 300pt starting line. Job done.

Man of Steel 1

I'm kidding. Yes the common Superman is fantastic at what he does but this wouldn't be much of a team building article if we just chose one figure would it? In honour of the new film let's start by taking Superman (MOS 001) at his 100pt rookie starting line.

With the new changes to Energy Explosion this is a figure who should be immediately striking fear into any opposing teams who rely on adjacency and grouping together. The Superman Ally TA allows him to ignore stealth and Sharpshooter ensures he's able to pull EE off even when based by an enemy. Unlike most Superman clix this one starts off with a simple 17 Invulnerable defence so you do need to be smart with positioning and try to keep him out of harms way by making good use of Running Shot and the Flight ability. I also need to stress that he really does need to stay on that top click. His stats drop quickly and you don't want to be left hoping for a good Regen roll on his final click of life.


When building a Kryptonian team you have to choose between high cost bricks or lower cost pieces. With this team I decided to go for a bit of a family theme so my next piece is Jor-El (MOS 005). For 75pts we get a 5 click dial with the PD team ability to help Superman hit with his Energy Explosion before Jor-El can then follow up with Energy Explosion of his own to again dish out damage to those swarmed characters.

If both are able to hit in one turn you're going to be dishing out 6 damage to the target and up to three clicks to anybody adjacent to them. That's awesome! Jor-El also has a special power on the first three clicks of his damage which allows him to use Outwit or to take a power action and counter a Team Ability. Like his son Jor-El really wants to stay on his top click but late dial Blades/Claws/Fangs and Perplex keep him handy after he takes damage. His biggest downfall is probably the complete lack of move and attack on his dial.




The next piece is one of my favourite support pieces we've seen in a while, it's Lara Lor-Van (MOS 012). At 31pts you get some Support, a bit of Perplex and a way to bring Superman back from the dead!

Her trait TO SAVE MY SON means that when any character called Superman is KO'd you can instead KO Lara and put Superman back on his last click, which in this team happens to include Regeneration so lets hope your opponent is out of actions when this happens! She's the type of support piece who has a very specific use, and that's on teams with Superman on them, simple enough.


Rounding the team out at 87pts is Kryptonian Soldier (SM 002) to provide a secondary attacker. I'd be tempted to keep this guy next to Jor-El so that he can benefit from Jor-El's PD team ability. Running shot with 3 damage makes this a difficult generic piece for an opponent to ignore and when he's within 8 squares of Superman he's also going to benefit from Willpower thanks to his MINION trait.

 With 7pts left we're 1pt short of being able to equip the awesome Kryptonian ATA so instead you can fill out the remaining points with your choice of special object. I think I could be tempted by the Nova Helmet (GG S101) at 6pts to give someone on my team the chance to gain Charge and the Flight Ability.

 Kryptonian Soldier
300pt Modern
Superman (MOS 001) 100pts
Jor-El (MOS 005) 75pts
Lara Lor-Van (MOS 012) 31pts
Kryptonian Soldier (SM 002) 87pts
Nova Helmet (GG S101) 6pts
Total 299pts

So that's our main team for this week but here's a couple of alternate builds using the Kryptonian keyword.

 600pt Golden Age
General Zod (MOS 003) 225pts
+ Kryptonian ATA 2pts
Ursa (SM 044) 150pts
+ Kryptonian ATA 2pts
Eradicator (SM 033) 135pts
+ Kryptonian ATA 2pts
+ Utility Belt 8pts-14pts
Jax-Ur (MOS 011) 62pts
+ Kryptonian ATA 2pts
Total 588pts-594pts

400pt Golden Age
Superman (SM 001) 150pts
+ Kryptonian ATA 2pts
+ Shellhead 10pts
Supergirl (FFSM 004) 100pts
+ Kryptonian ATA 2pts
Nam-Ek (MOS 104) 100pts
+ Kryptonian ATA 2pts
Lara Lor-Van (MOS 012) 31pts
+ Kryptonian ATA 2pts
Total 399pts

Thanks as always for reading and be sure to comment below with your own Kryptonian builds.

Sam lives on the sunny Isle Of Wight and has been playing Heroclix since early 2012. His favourite pull was a booster featuring all four of the Batman primes, and his most prized piece is an Arkham Asylum Clown Prince Of Crime. Sam also hosts The Anoraks Podcast (

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