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Friday, 12 April 2013 08:00:00 Europe/London

Greetings and welcome to another edition of Team Talk, the column where we discuss teambuilding around a particular figure or keyword. Thanks for all the great feedback on the Midnight Sons builds from last time, there were some great suggestions on alternate figures or ATA's that could be added to the teams that made for some good reading.

This week I want to take a look at a keyword that is soon to get a massive boost and that's Teen Titans. We've got a new Titans themed set which is to be released next month so we're going to look at some builds using figures that are currently available then we'll also look at how those builds can be modified using the dials that have already been revealed from this new set.

Let's start with a standard 300pt Modern Age team. The first thing you're going to notice is that there is a massive lack of support options within the Teen Titans keyword for Modern Age, Robin (DC10 014) with his Enhancement (keep in mind that there's a lot of Teen Titans pieces with little to no range to use this) and Incapacitate is about as close as you're going to get outside of a few 100pt+ pieces with Prob somewhere on their dial. Red Robin (BFF 004) has Outwit on his opening three clicks and is a solid attacker but if you want any kind of healing you're going to be restricted to using the Titans TA at the cost of likely injuring another team member. So our lack of support options means we're almost certainly building around offence and little else.

300pt Modern Teen Titans


Our first piece is, im opinion, quite possibly the greatest Teen Titans figure in the Modern Age right now and that's Cyborg (JL52 006). For 100 points you are getting one of the most reliable dials in modern heroclix, a defence that stays at 17+ for the first 5 clicks before giving way to two clicks of 16 with Regeneration, a consistent 3 damage which only drops to a 2 on those two final clicks mentioned previously, and some good attack values with a mix of Poison and Pulse Wave. An opening click of Running Shot and Pulse Wave is always going to excite any player and being Indomitable Cyborg can be out there dishing damage in turn two to any foes that make the mistake of moving too far forward. His ELECTRONIC EYE trait also allows him to ignore Stealth which is massive in this current Batman TA meta. Also, and this is more appropriate for one of Paul's Collector's Corner articles I suppose, his sculpt is fantastic like most of the pieces from the JL52 set.

Joining him on our team is Donna Troy (AN 006) who at a cost of 79pts is never dealing less than 3 clicks of damage thanks to good stats mixed in with some Close Combat Expert. An opening 18 defence with E/S/D makes her tough to hit and her Charge with Super Strength makes her a threat to anybody within a 5 square range, especially if an object is lurking around waiting to be picked up and smashed over a victims head. Her lack of damage reducers early on does mean that if she takes a hit the damage is sticking which does mean you will want to be selective with who you choose to charge at, you want somebody who is a relatively easy target and who has a dial that drops away quickly. The back of her dial is a little bare with no powers on Movement or Attack although Toughness and Close Combat Expert make her a threat to anybody that does choose to base her.

Donna Troy
The Flash

The final member of the team is the promoted version of The Flash (D10 010) who comes in 105pts. You already know how to use a character named The Flash in Heroclix, it's hit and run with Hypersonic Speed. Flash's movement values range between an opening 11 that rises to a 15 before finishing on 13, he has four clicks of Hypersonic Speed with a special power in the middle of his dial that allows him to use Charge and Flurry, when he does Charge he can also use Exploit Weakness. He isn't a massive damage dealer, his whole dial are 2's with the exception of a single click of 3 damage late dial, although he does have two clicks of a special power named MACH 3 PUNCH which prevent his damage from being reduced below a 1 which means he can still break Invulnerability. Two opening clicks of 18 defence with Super Senses make him difficult to hit and allow him a chance of ignoring damage if it does register a hit. Willpower late on also allows him to remain a threat even when his stats drop. His opening Perplex is also one of the few support powers we have in the team so make it count.

This still leaves us with 16 points to spend so I elected to place the Justice League (Silver Age) ATA on Cyborg and The Flash for 4pts each. This allows Cyborg and Flash to modify their attack values by +1 when attacking a chosen character or characters with a particular TA on their base.

There's definitely a lot of things missing from this team but the lack of support pieces leaves us with little options in a modern build.

300pt Modern
Cyborg (JL52 006) 100pts
+ Justice League (Silver Age) ATA 4pts
Donna Troy (AN 006) 79pts
The Flash (D10 010) 105pts
+ Justice League (Silver Age) ATA 4pts
Total 292pts

If you wanted to use some of the upcoming figures in this team you could swap The Flash with Kid Flash (TT 002) who for 15 points less has a very similar dial, and then drop Donna Troy to add in Raven (TT 064) who gives a lot more options with some Probability Control and Support to heal characters back up. Raven is a Mystic and half way through her dial can become an absolute beast if you can manage to roll a 5 or 6 for her DAUGHTER OF TRIGON special power.

300pt Modern
Cyborg (JL52 006) 100pts
+ Justice League (Silver Age) ATA 4pts
Raven (TT 062) 96pts
Kid Flash (TT 002) 90pts
Total 290pts

So there's two builds, one based around attack and one slightly more rounded option. I'll leave you with a couple of other builds below.

300pt Golden
Beast Boy (In Gordanian Form) (TT 005b) 60pts
Robin (TT 001) 75pts
Osiris (TT 014) 121pts
Aqualad (CR 004) 40pts
Total 296pts

600pt Golden
Solstice (TT 207) 85pts
Raven (TT 064) 96pts
Beast Boy (AN 014) 60pts (Bring all the Morph actions you can, especially that dinosaur)
Liberty Belle (CR 010) 84pts
Kid Flash (CR 002) 45pts
Blue Beetle (D10 009) 94pts
Robin (AA 034) 66pts
Atom (OR 047) 52pts
Total 582pts

Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments about your own Teen Titans builds or how you would change and improve these.


Sam lives on the sunny Isle Of Wight and has been playing Heroclix since early 2012. His favourite pull was a booster featuring all four of the Batman primes, and his most prized piece is an Arkham Asylum Clown Prince Of Crime. Sam also hosts The Anoraks Podcast (

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Samual Grieve

posted on Sunday, 14 April 2013 13:42:25 Europe/London
That Supergirl is my girlfriend's favourite piece so I couldn't mention it due to the amount of bad experiences I've had against it!

Patrick Jones

posted on Saturday, 13 April 2013 12:03:48 Europe/London
i am looking forward to the team titans set, although not sold on team bases yet. love to use beast boy and his various forms so looking forward to getting some more. don't have the T-Rex form as it is pretty hard to track down though.

some good figures you haven't mentioned are blue beetle 009 (DC10A) and supergirl 010r (SM)

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